Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Best .50 GS Loadout

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  • General .50 GS Build

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) features five handguns as of Season One, each providing a unique playstyle and suite of attachments to utilize. The .50 GS, otherwise known as the Desert Eagle, is a powerhouse in the right hands. It kicks hard and hits even harder.

It's a slower handgun than your other options, yet the .50 GS is quite accurate and is capable of damaging enemies at far distances. If you're looking for a good backup weapon or just need to unlock camos for the .50 GS, our build has you covered. Here is a great build for Modern Warfare 2's .50 GS handgun.

General .50 GS Build

.50 GS Build
Laser FJX Diod-70 N/A
Barrel SA Tyrant Fifty Do not tune
Trigger SA Fifty Trigger Do not tune
Magazine 10 Round Mag N/A
Rear Grip GS .50 Wood Grain Do not tune

This build focuses on handling and accuracy above all else. We use the SA Tyrant Fifty barrel to increase the GS's consistency, then we add the SA Fifty Trigger and FJX Diod-70 laser to greatly improve the weapon's handling and sprint-to-fire delay. Equip the 10 Round Mag to give yourself more shots before each reload, then fill the final attachment slot with whatever you please. We typically run the GS .50 Wood Grain to fastdraw the handgun.

Aim for the head, keep the sights ready, then fire the .50 GS. You do not want to rapidly fire this weapon, as you'll be outmatched by just about every other weapon. Headshots are what you'll want to focus on. It's possible to two-tap someone in close range if you need to, hence why we use the fastdraw grip.

Loadout Recommendations

Primary Preference
Lethal Drill Charge
Tactical Stim
Field Upgrade Dead Silence
Base Perks Double Time, Tracker
Bonus Perk Fast Hands
Ultimate Perk Ghost

Just about any loadout will work with the .50 GS. We recommend using Fast Hands to quickly reload this weapon, but all your other options are down to preference. Ghost is a solid pick for your ultimate perk, although Quick Fix is a good alternative if you're an aggressive player. You can deal with campers with the Drill Charge, and anyone fighting you at longer distances should be dealt with through your primary, although it is possible to three-tap people at extreme ranges if you pace your shots.

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