Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Best Jump Spots

The time-to-kill in Modern Warfare 2 is extremely fast compared to past entries in the Call of Duty series. Additionally, advanced movement abilities like slide canceling and aiming from sprint have been heavily nerfed, encouraging a slower, more methodical play style. Creative jump spots are now more important since whoever finds the enemy first usually wins.

It's important to know the most commonly used jump spots on every map so that you can both use and watch out for them. These powerful positions grant unmatched vision to watch multiple paths simultaneously, catching the enemies off-guard. If you're prepared to sweat and join the big leagues, it's time to learn some jump spots.

10/10 Truck Lane – Santa Seña Border Crossing

Santa Seña Border Crossing isn't a map rich with practical jump spots. Most of the time, you're better off climbing on top of tall vehicles like buses, campers, or trucks, and then laying down a Deployable Cover field upgrade for protection.

But, if you know how to do the trick to get on top of your Deployable Cover, there's a niche spot you could use. On the black cargoless truck in Truck Lane, you could use your Deployable Cover to have a surprise angle from enemies rushing down that lane.

9/10 Window Jump – Breenbergh Hotel

Like Border Crossing, Breenbergh Hotel doesn't contain too many jump spots to gain an advantage over your opponents. There is a relatively unknown spot in Atrium where you can cheese enemies rotating from Patio, Chandelier, and Bar.

You'll want to jump on top of the railings on the catwalk in Atrium. Then, make you want to sprint and jump through the glass window. If successful, you'll hang on by your toes and stick to the wall. Make sure you leave the spot when enemies know where you are since you're completely exposed.

8/10 Pit Lanes' Firetruck – Crown Raceway

Crown Raceway isn't a map known for its fortified high-ground spots. It's mainly a traditional three-lane layout with intuitive ways to transition between lanes. There's an easy jump spot that covers the whole Pit Lane and offers you a quick way to escape if the firefight isn't going your way.

There's a firetruck on both ends of the Pit Lanes. You can climb on the boxes near it to get to the top without sweat. However, the firetruck near Access Road is more potent since it can guard against operators trying to wrap around from Garages in the middle.

7/10 Courtyard Pillar – Embassy

Embassy is a death trap for anyone not inside a building. Players are usually bunkered in one of the map's many windows with an impressive view of the area. There's a risky jump spot in Courtyard that could net you clutch kills if you could make it in time.

First, climb on top of the garden area in the courtyard facing the pillar. Then, sprint and try to ledge grab to reach the top of the pillar. From here, you can peek at the enemies inside the windows or jump inside to take over the building. Bring your best assault rifle for this mission since you'll encounter massive resistance in the building.

6/10 Stables' Roof – Al Bagra Fortress

It's common for all players to converge near the middle of Al Bagra Fortress. After all, whoever controls the center controls a good chunk of the map, giving you uncontested access inside the buildings. There's a great jump spot in Stables that gives you a clear view of most major areas of the map.

You can reach the roof by jumping between the two trucks near it. You'll have to climb the first truck using the crates near it or the cannon. Once you're there, you'll have a powerful position to watch over multiple hot spots.

5/10 Corridor Skip – El Asilo

El Asilo's action largely takes place inside the Asylum building in the center of the map. However, some players like to play on the outskirts, camping on the hill or at the house to try and snipe operators moving toward the building. Because of that reason, winning the center is much more important as it allows your team to flank their power positions.

You can climb on top of the crates in the middle of Corridor. Then, you can ledge grab to access Bar without crossing the often dangerous balcony. From Bar, you'll have many options to surprise the enemy team.

4/10 Patio Corner – Mercado Las Almas

Mercado Las Almas is one of the biggest map knowledge checks in Modern Warfare 2. There are so many viable camping spots that you'll learn the hard way if you're going in for the first time. One of these spots is a jump spot on Patio that covers a high-traffic area.

The spot is on top of the brick roof near the blue wall. Claiming this spot lets you catch enemies coming from Old Church, Elephant Room, Silos, and Market Center off-guard. All you'll need to do is to climb the nearby railings to access the position. The battle-hardened perk lets you endure any pre-emptive flashes in that area.

3/10 Broken Bridge – Zarqwa Hydroelectric

If you're a competent sniper, you'll want to avoid the middle of Zarqwa Hydroelectric. For everyone else, most of the firefights happen on the outskirts of the map. Fighting is especially heated in Mid Entryway, where teams usually contest Tower and Control Room. However, there's an equally powerful jump spot that also lets you peek into Main Walkway.

The spot is on the side of the broken bridge in Mid Entryway. You can climb on the foundation for a clear sight line into many important paths. Additionally, the bridge's arch provides natural cover and you can dive into the water if the situation gets too dangerous.

2/10 Cement Hopper Wall – Farm 18

Farm 18 is one of the best maps for jump spots, as there are many hidden spots to take down your enemies. One of these positions keeps you camouflaged into the foliage yet gives you a clear view to eliminate enemies coming into Cement Hopper.

To get there, use the shipment containers near Operations Building. Look towards Cement Hopper and run on top of the walls near it. Finally, sprint across the broken wall and crouch in the corner. Enemies coming from Dormitory and North Street won't expect you there, letting you defend one of the possible hardpoint objectives.

1/10 Tower Shimmy – Taraq

There's a jump spot in Tower that provides an unparalleled vision over half of the map, with the trade-off that you're equally exposed. But, if you can guarantee that the enemy team is all huddled in that area, you can single-handedly take them down with your superior sight line.

At Tower, go out the window and shimmy on the ledge. You'll have an impressive view of the whole map from Funeral Home, Real Estate Center, and Well. If you manage to grab this position, there's nothing much your opponents can do to take you down.

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