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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has overhauled the Battle Pass system from previous titles. The linear progression system of old has been replaced with a more player-driven system that allows you to choose which rewards you want.

Unlocking all 100 Battle Pass tiers can seem intimidating at first glance, but this new system makes it far easier to get what you want out of each pass without having to earn all 100 tiers. This guide will showcase how the new Battle Pass system works, how to progress through Battle Pass Sectors, and we'll showcase every reward available in MW2's first season.

How Does MW2's Battle Pass Work?

Modern Warfare 2's Battle Pass uses a non-linear progression system that differs from previous titles. Instead of progressing through 100 levels with a linear set of rewards, you'll be presented a map with rewards nested in each region, referred to in-game as "Sectors."

When you open your Battle Pass, you'll see a map divided into 20 Sectors. Each Sector consists of five rewards, totaling 100 rewards as you'd expect from a CoD Battle Pass. Hovering over a Sector will reveal five rewards on offer, showcased on the left-hand side of your screen. The bottom four rewards must be redeemed first before you can claim the fifth reward. Each reward costs one Battle Pass Token, earned by playing matches and earning XP. Once you've claimed all five Sector rewards, you'll unlock all adjacent Sectors, allowing you to spend your Battle Pass Tokens on rewards you're interested in.

That's a lot to take in, so here's a concise breakdown of how the new Battle Pass system works:

  • Play matches to earn Battle Pass Tokens.
  • Visit the Battle Pass map to unlock rewards in available Sectors.
  • Purchase all five rewards in a Sector to unlock adjacent Sectors.
    • Each season has 100 rewards to grab, divided evenly among 20 Sectors.

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    Battle Pass Progression Explained

    When you start leveling your Battle Pass, you'll be restricted to one Sector on the map. For Season 1, this is Sector A1—the only Sector highlighted in green. Select the Sector to view all five of its rewards.

    We can see that we can unlock the following rewards:

    • Aerial Entrance – Calling Card
    • Hired Sniper – Emblem
    • x1 Double Weapon XP Token – 15 Minutes
    • Paying Rent – Weapon Charm

    Unlocking all four of these rewards will grant access to the fifth reward. For Sector A1, this is The Orbiter weapon blueprint for the Kastov 545. As with the four previous unlocks, the fifth unlock in a Sector costs one Battle Pass Token.

    Free To Play Battle Pass

    Most rewards in the Battle Pass are locked behind seasonal ownership. Each Sector has one reward that free-to-play users can use. As with the premium Battle Pass, all five rewards must be unlocked in each Sector to unlock adjacent Sectors. These premium rewards are unusable to F2P players until they purchase the Battle Pass. As with past CoD titles, any new weapons introduced in the Battle Pass are obtainable by all players.

    Clearing the Sector of rewards will unlock all adjacent Sectors. In this instance, you'll unlock Sectors A2 and A3. Pick which Sector has the more appealing rewards to you. Clearing Sector A2 will unlock Sector A4, and clearing Sector A3 will unlock Sectors A5 and A6.

    Your goal is to path toward rewards you care about the most. For example, if you only care about unlocking new weapons from the Battle Pass, you should focus on pathing toward Sectors A6 and A7. If you care more about skins, you might want to focus on unlocking Sectors with Operator skins as their fifth reward (Sectors A9, A16, etc.).

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    How To Earn Battle Pass Tokens

    Battle Pass Boost

    Owners of the Battle Pass will earn Battle Pass Tokens 10% faster for the given season. This is currently the only Battle Pass booster available in Modern Warfare 2.

    Battle Pass Tokens are unlocked by completing matches and earning XP in Modern Warfare 2, DMZ, and Warzone 2.0. In general, you'll earn a Battle Pass Token whenever your account levels up. The two aren't correlated at all, but it gives you a rough idea of how often you'll be receiving Tokens. XP Tokens do not affect how quickly you earn Battle Pass Tokens.

    For earning Battle Pass Tokens quickly, your typical XP-farming culprits will work well. Some quick recommendations:

    • Kill Confirmed: Focus on grabbing tags for some easy XP.
    • Invasion: Kill as many AI bots as you can.
    • DMZ: Defeating AI, completing faction missions, and successfully extracting provide excellent XP.

    If you're short on time, you can also purchase Battle Pass Tokens for 150 CoD Points each.

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    Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

    Modern Warfare 2's first season contains 100 Battle Pass rewards, evenly divided between 20 Sectors. As with previous CoD Battle Passes, this season has two new weapons tied to the Battle Pass: the BAS-P SMG and Victus XMR sniper rifle. Both of these weapons are available for all players, not just Battle Pass owners. Exact rewards are listed below, broken down per Sector on the Battle Pass map. Owners of the Battle Pass receive ten extra items—five upon purchasing the Battle Pass, and the other five upon completing the Battle Pass.

    Free Rewards

    Free Rewards
    Sector A1Paying Rent – Weapon Charm
    Sector A2Let's Ride – War Track
    Sector A3100 CP
    Sector A4Damysus – Weapon BP (X13 Auto)
    Sector A5Endless Black – Gun Screen
    Sector A6BAS-P – Submachine Gun
    Sector A7Victus XMR – Sniper Rifle
    Sector A8Down The Barrel – Loading Screen
    Sector A9Double XP Token – 15 Minutes
    Sector A10Offsite – Vehicle Skin (LTV)
    Sector A11Vigilant – Weapon BP (Expedite 12)
    Sector A12Double XP Token – 30 Minutes
    Sector A13Double Weapon XP Token – 45 Minutes
    Sector A14Homefront – War Track
    Sector A15 Basileus– Weapon BP (Victus XMR)
    Sector A16Chiron – Weapon BP (Kastov-74u)
    Sector A17100 CP
    Sector A18Closer – Weapon BP (Minibak)
    Sector A19100 CP
    Sector A20Dark Horse – Vehicle Skin (UTV)

    Premium Rewards

    Battle Pass Completion Rewards
    HVT RewardOlympus King – Operator Skin (Zeus)
    Reward #1Mortal's Bane – Weapon BP (M4)
    Reward #2100 CP
    Reward #3100 CP
    Reward #4100 CP

    Sector A0 (Instantly Unlocked)
    HVT RewardZeus – Operator (Kortac)
    Reward #1Battle Pass Boost – 10%
    Reward #2Articulate Response – Weapon BP (.50 GS)
    Reward #3Myth Maker – Weapon BP (Vel 46)
    Reward #4Chronophobia – Weapon Screen

    Sector A1
    HVT RewardThe Orbiter – Weapon BP (Kastov 545)
    Reward #1Aerial Entrance – Calling Card
    Reward #2Hired Sniper – Emblem
    Reward #3Double Weapon XP Token – 1 Hour
    Reward #4Paying Rent – Weapon Charm

    Sector A2
    HVT RewardDark Chariot – Vehicle Skin (Chop Top)
    Reward #1Letter Opener – Weapon BP (Combat Knife)
    Reward #2Gathered Gents – Calling Card
    Reward #3Scaling Assassin – Emblem
    Reward #4Let's Ride – War Track

    Sector A3
    HVT RewardBarrage – Operator Skin (Rangers I)
    Reward #1Double XP Token– 1 Hour
    Reward #2Tactical AF – Large Decal
    Reward #3Bellicose – Weapon BP (Bryson 890)
    Reward #4100 CP

    Sector A4
    HVT RewardDeluge – Operator Skin (Calisto)
    Reward #1100 CP
    Reward #2Damysus – Weapon BP (X13 Auto)
    Reward #3Double XP Token – 30 Minutes
    Reward #4Wavemaker – Vehicle Skin (Armored Patrol Boat)

    Sector A5
    HVT RewardHostile Takeover – Weapon Skin (EBR-14)
    Reward #1Back To Back – Emblem
    Reward #2Ignition – Weapon BP (Basilisk)
    Reward #3Hired Sniper – Calling Card
    Reward #4Endless Black – Gun Screen

    Sector A6
    HVT RewardBAS-P – Submachine Gun
    Reward #1Scorpion – Weapon Sticker
    Reward #2World's Best Merc – Weapon Charm
    Reward #3Double Weapon XP Token – 30 Minutes
    Reward #4King's Skull – Large Decal

    Sector A7
    HVT RewardVictus XMR – Sniper Rifle
    Reward #1Gunfighter Coffee Company – Weapon Sticker
    Reward #2Shooting Target – Weapon Charm
    Reward #3Double Weapon XP Token – 30 Minutes
    Reward #4XTEN – Large Decal

    Sector A8
    HVT RewardEspionage – Weapon BP (Lachmann Sub)
    Reward #1Time To Strike – Emblem
    Reward #2Jack Of All – Weapon BP (P890)
    Reward #3Scaling Assassin – Calling Card
    Reward #4Down The Barrel – Loading Screen

    Sector A9
    HVT RewardThe Unseen – Operator Skin (Kortac I)
    Reward #1Double Weapon XP Token – 15 Minutes
    Reward #2Send It – Weapon BP (LM-S)
    Reward #3Double XP Token – 15 Minutes
    Reward #4Obsidian Rider – Vehicle Skin (ATV)

    Sector A10
    HVT RewardLow Drag – Operator Skin (Reyes)
    Reward #1100 CP
    Reward #2Hacksaw – Weapon BP (Fennec 45)
    Reward #3Double XP Token – 30 Minutes
    Reward #4Offsite – Vehicle Skin (LTV)

    Sector A11
    HVT RewardZero – Operator Skin (Zero)
    Reward #1100 CP
    Reward #2Vigilant – Weapon BP (Expedite 12)
    Reward #3Double XP Token – 45 Minutes
    Reward #4Company Lease – Vehicle Skin (Hatchback)

    Sector A12
    HVT Reward100 CP
    Reward #1100 CP
    Reward #2Terminal Velocity – Weapon BP (Vaznev-9K)
    Reward #3Double XP Token – 30 Minutes
    Reward #4Hostile Takeover – Vehicle Skin (APC)

    Sector A13
    HVT RewardBody Count – Weapon BP (MCPR-300)
    Reward #1Nice Nods – Weapon Sticker
    Reward #2Double Weapon XP Token – 45 Minutes
    Reward #3.50 Cal – Weapon Charm
    Reward #4Warfighter – Large Decal

    Sector A14
    HVT RewardExecutive Whp – Vehicle Skin (Light Helo)
    Reward #1Plane Sight – Calling Card
    Reward #2100 CP
    Reward #3Sole Survivor – Emblem
    Reward #4Homefront – War Track

    Sector A15
    HVT RewardBasileus – Weapon BP (Victus XMR)
    Reward #1Leg Day – Loading Screen
    Reward #2Sold! – Weapon Charm
    Reward #3Corinthian Helmet – Weapon Sticker
    Reward #4River Shadow – Vehicle Skin (RHIB)

    Sector A16
    HVT RewardWar Bull – Operator Skin (Gus)
    Reward #1Fractured – Large Decal
    Reward #2Chiron – Weapon BP (Kastov-74u)
    Reward #3Double XP Token – 1 Hour
    Reward #4War Haul – Vehicle Skin (Cargo Truck)

    Sector A17
    HVT RewardPayload – Operator Skin (Stiletto)
    Reward #1Double XP Token – 45 Minutes
    Reward #2100 CP
    Reward #3Corner Cover – Calling Card
    Reward #4100 CP

    Sector A18
    HVT RewardBlackout – Operator Skin (Roze)
    Reward #1Sole Survivor – Calling Card
    Reward #2Closer – Weapon BP (Minibak)
    Reward #3Gathered Gents – Emblem
    Reward #4Sweet Dreams – Finishing Move

    Sector A19
    HVT Reward100 CP
    Reward #1Weapons Up – Loading Screen
    Reward #2Double XP Token – 1 Hour
    Reward #3Tactique Verte – Large Decal
    Reward #4100 CP

    Sector A20
    HVT RewardTokoloshe – Weapon BP (BAS-P)
    Reward #1Catching Air – Loading Screen
    Reward #2ETO – Weapon Charm
    Reward #3Best Merc Ever – Weapon Sticker
    Reward #4Dark Horse – Vehicle Skin (UTV)

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