Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Will Feature A Third-Person Mode

Yesterday's COD Next Showcase Event has revealed a number of new features and modes coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, including swimming, the ability to stand on top of vehicles, and a new third-person mode.

Modern Warfare 2 is about to enter its Open Beta period, but Infinity Ward showcased many of the new multiplayer and Warzone 2.0 features during the COD Next showcase last night. As can be seen in the highlight trailer, some of the new additions include Gunsmith 2.0, the ability to stand and shoot from the top of vehicles, and being able to swim underwater on certain maps.

By far the most noteworthy inclusion showcased in the Modern Warfare stream was the addition of a third-person mode. Players will be able to turn on a modifier in multiplayer that lets them view their character in third-person, although it seems to zoom back into a first-person view when aiming down the sights.

Joseph Cecot, multiplayer design director at Infinity Ward, gave a bit more detail on third-person mode while it was announced at COD Next. Cecot said, "It's been a pet project for us, we've always wanted to do third-person, and all while we're working on other stuff we've been looking on doing third-person in each mode. The cool thing is that it's a modifier on our game, you can just turn on third-person. In the beta we'll be playing with it in Hardpoint, but we want to try it in post-launch with (Search and Destroy), we want to try it in (Battle Royale)."

In other Call of Duty news, the series is currently in the middle of a well-publicised argument between Sony and Microsoft as the former argues that it shouldn't be made exclusive to Xbox consoles, despite Microsoft having purchased Activision Blizzard and the rights to its games for $70 billion earlier this year. That is on top of all the controversies the series and its publisher Activision have been involved with since July of last year, when it was reported that the company had fostered a culture of workplace abuse.

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