Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush is now Going Global

In 2018 Cartoon Network and AiSolve teamed up on a virtual reality (VR) experience called We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush, based on Daniel Chong’s award-winning series We Bare Bears. Debuting at Family Fun Center in Tukwila, Washington, the companies have now confirmed a global launch of the title.

We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush is a multiplayer, free-roaming experience designed for up to three kids or young adults, putting their teamwork and decision making skills to the test with time highly limited. Players can transform into Panda, Grizz and Ice Bear as they work inside a food truck getting orders ready as fast as possible.

Played inside a 3m x 3m WePlayVR arena, We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush incorporates the immersive, haptic floor enhanced gameplay designed by AiSolve, making the experience even more intense as players try to avoid kitchen mishaps like dropping food or getting orders wrong.

“When Cartoon Network mentioned that the We Bare Bears experience would take place inside a food truck, we knew our platform would be a perfect choice for the content,” said Devi Kolli, CEO and Co-Founder of AiSolve in a statement. “When the food truck takes off on the adventure, our haptic floor responds to the driving, rumbling and creates a sensation of movement. This deepens the level of immersion and convinces them they’re really being driven around in a food truck.”

Being distributed by Bandai Namco, We Bare Bears: Food Truck Rush will be heading simultaneously to the DEAL show in Dubai and the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, this week. Cartoon Network and AiSolve are yet to reveal which countries are likely to see the videogame arrive next and when that might occur.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Cartoon Network and AiSolve, reporting back with the latest updates and announcements.

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