Castlevania Composer Michiru Yamane Goes On Rant Backing Trump Conspiracies

Castlevania composer Michiru Yamane recently posted a series of conspiracy theories regarding Donald Trump’s reelection efforts.

Trump, who lost the popular vote by the largest margin since FDR, has peddled the idea that votes were “stolen” from him, and that many votes were “illegal.” Of course, this isn’t true, but it’s a claim that’s thrown the current election into doubt, and cast a pretty grim shadow over the coming months.

But conspiracy theories truly have no borders, and global supporters of Trump are doing their part to propagate social media hysteria. One such supporter is Yamane herself, who commented on the election though a series of shared posts.

“Evidence of fraudulent election is spreading in seconds,” Yamane wrote, flourishing her lies with a cute heart emoji. “Mr. Trump is calling on all American citizens to report postal vote injustice.”

Another post is even more dire.

“It seems there was a real ballot paper and a fake ballot paper,” she commented, sharing a YouTube video that propagated the conspiracy theory.

There are also other posts that Yamane shared, all of which supported the idea of the recent U.S. election being fraudulent, and calling Japanese netizens to action in order to ensure “justice” is served.

Of course, there is no justice to be served here – not one iota. There’s a process in America, and while it’s a fundamentally flawed one concocted by racists, it’s still the process we use to choose our Commander-In-Chief. Despite gerrymandering doing its part to suppress votes, Trump lost through that process, and therefore, he’s getting the boot in January. It’s not that complicated, and whether or not you like it is irrelevant.

That being said, it’s disappointing to see a prolific talent like Yamane spread baseless rumors like this. It sets a dangerous precedent, and all but ensures that Trump’s cult of personality will continue to spread far outside of the United States.

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