Cats Are Going Wild Over Stray

Stray launched yesterday, available at no extra charge if you have a PS Plus subscription. It's taken the gaming world by storm – as we all knew it would – but it also seems to have transfixed all the gamer kitties out there, too. Poeple have taken to Twitter to share videos and pictures of their cats absolutely mesmerised by Stray. Seems cats like seeing themselves up on the big screen.

Look at this polite and well-behaved tabby sitting and watching from afar – amazed by all the cats just plodding around and going about their little cat day.

Not all cats can stand to stray (geddit?) too far away from the action, however. This cutie wanted to be right up in front of the TV. Careful or your eyes will go square.

Other cats are clearly intrigued but still a bit wary and not sure if all the feliens are friends or foes. This chonk is keeping a respectable distance but still leaning in for as close a look as they dare.

Turns out it's not just cats that are obsessed, though. Some dogs really want to get at the furry critters in the telly, as shown by this big boy jumping up and pawing at the screen.

If you've got any pictures or videos of your pets reacting to Stray, please, we implore you, share them.

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