Claim 10 Free Packs For New Teppen Expansion "The Force Seekers"

Akuma is fond of besting his opponents in his quest to gain more power, be it Street Fighter, Tekken, and now Teppen with “The Force Seekers” expansion available right now. The expansion looks to shift the meta through the addition of 36 new cards and a new status called Ascended, which is similar to Sacrifice mechanics in other Trading Card Games.

Akuma isn’t the only one making his way into the fight, as Evil Ryu is also joining the fray, though not in the same way. While Akuma is being added to the roster, Evil Ryu will arrive in the form of an “Extra Skin,” a new feature that changes the Hero’s appearance, Hero Arts animation, and BGM during a match, but maintains the Hero Element.

While Akuma is a great addition to the game, the new Ascended mechanic should be considered the real star of the expansion due to the impact it could have on the meta. This allows players to play a unit over top of an active unit, destroying the card beneath in the process, but buffing the new unit in its place.

This means that Morrigan and Dante decks that look to slow and stall the game out with Halt are in for a rough time. Until now these decks have been powerful against Green Chun-Li and Mega Man decks but will be hard pressed to deal with Ascended if they depend too heavily on Halt. This is great news for players who feel as though Morrigan is over represented in the game, as it can sometimes feel like one faces a significantly high number of those decks with the intention of leaning heavily into the Halt status.

An early synergy for Ascended cards pairs cards that benefit from the Growth mechanic since they benefit from having a new unit card played in an open slot, and Ascended units destroying the card beneath triggers this effect. The result is advancing the Growth points of one card while also benefiting from the buff granted to the Ascended card, which can lead to some unexpected swings in the board state if timed properly.

Now is a great time to log in as players can earn new expansion packs daily through special missions that run through now until February 2, as well as by clicking here for the Twitter retweet campaign promotion. Jumping into the game right now will earn you ten new expansion packs right off the bat to kickstart your collection, and as always the Season Pass will provide additional opportunities to earn resources in the game.

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