Code From Judgment’s Website Hints That The Game May Be Getting A Steam Release After All

Some dedicated Yakuza fans have discovered that code from Judgment’s website reveals that the Stadia logo found on the front page was originally a Steam logo.

It was recently announced that Sega’s surprisingly popular Yakuza spin-off title, Judgment, is getting the remaster treatment for next-gen consoles and Google Stadia. The announcement left many Yakuza fans wondering why the game isn’t also getting an enhanced version for PC. It turns out that Judgment may have initially been slated for release on PC via Steam.

First reported by Yakuza news site The Tojo Dojo, some Yakuza fans have rifled through the Judgment website’s code and discovered a hidden Steam logo that hasn’t yet been removed. Instead, a Stadia logo currently sits where the Steam logo used to be, implying that the Steam version of the game may have been pushed back due to some kind of exclusivity deal between Sega and Google. It’s also very coincidental that the Judgement remaster will also be the first Yakuza title from the franchise on Google Stadia.

This news doesn’t outright confirm that the Judgment remaster will be making it to Steam, but the fact that a Steam logo was found on Judgment’s website is a pretty solid indicator that it will at some point in the future. SEGA has been slowly introducing the entire Yakuza franchise to other consoles besides PlayStation, so much so that almost every game is currently available on Xbox Game Pass. It would be very odd for Judgment to appear on every next-gen console and Stadia but not PC.

In case you missed the announcement, Judgment will be getting an enhanced version for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia which will be available on April 23. The remastered version of Judgment will have a higher resolution, improved loading times, better frame rate, and will include all the DLC released for the original version. However, players who already own the game on PS4 will have to purchase the game again, as developer Ryu Ga Gotoku isn’t handing out free upgrades for PS5 owners.

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