Control: All Outfits And How To Get Them

There’s no doubt that Jesse is a badass; her jacket and combat boots combo totally works for her. Still, as any video game with sliders has shown, gamers love playing around with their characters to make them look as ridiculous as possible.

Sadly, Remedy’s Control doesn’t let its player change the main character’s appearance too much. However, there are several outfits you can unlock during your playthrough to give Jesse a fresher look. Here’s how you can unlock all of them.

How To Change Jesse’s Outfits

Changing Jesse’s outfits is easy; just head to the control point located in the Central Executive. Once there, open the menu and select the outfit option. Keep in mind that this is the only control point where you’ll be able to change how Jesse looks.

Office Assistant

Jesse will wear this outfit to complete a dream sequence near the end of the game. However, you can use it permanently by completing the final Main Story Quest. As you can guess by its name, this outfit makes Jesse look like an employee from the FBA.

Asynchronous Suit

While most of these outfits have a workplace vibe, a few truly set Jesse apart. Just take a look at the asynchronous suit; its pitch-black color and sleek design truly makes Jesse look like she’s from a dystopian future.

Players that pay attention to detail can spot this outfit being worn by one of the mannequins while exploring the Synchronicity Lab. Sadly, it is behind a glass that you can’t break.

To unlock the asynchronous suit, you’ll have to complete the side mission “Self-Reflection,” which involves trippy mirrors and a boss fight against Essej. After the mission is over, you can head back to the Synchronicity Lab and take the suit; the glass will now be shattered.

Gold Suit

This is one of the coolest outfits in the game and is actually the hardest one to get. To unlock this suit, you’ll have to solve the puzzle in the Luck & Probability wing located in the Research Sector (you’ll need a level 5 clearance in order to access this place).

Once inside, you’ll find a roulette wheel. All you have to do is win at the roulette. It sounds simple, but there’s a catch, you’ll need to amp up Jesse’s luck first by interacting with the objects in the room. After Jesse wins the game, she’ll get the suit and two ability points.

Director’s Suit

For the majority of the game, fans see Jesse wearing a casual jacket, jeans, and boots combo. So when you unlock the Director’s Suit, it’s really amusing to see her all clean up and ready to take control (pun intended) of her new position as a director. Unlocking this outfit is quite simple; all you have to do is beat the final main mission of the game.

Janitor’s Assistant

Since the beginning, Ahti calls you “his assistant,” so it’s fitting that eventually, you can dress the part. To unlock this one, you’ll have to complete all of the side missions the janitor give you. Finally, he’ll give you a sixth mission called “Take a Break.” Afterward, the janitor’s assistant outfit will be yours to use.

Candidate P7

This outfit manages to look comfy but unsettling simultaneously; it really makes Jesse look like some kind of test subject. If you want to find this one, you’ll have to wait until the main mission, “The Face of the Enemy,” is available.

During this mission, Dylan will task Jesse with going to the Containment Sector and investigating the Prime Candidate Program. Once there, you get to explore rooms P6 and P7, which you’ll find right next to the Closed Cases room. Search the P7 room carefully, as there is the Candidate P7 outfit.

Tactical Response

This outfit was exclusive content for anyone who pre-ordered the game.

Astral Dive Suit

This suit was another pre-order exclusive, but only for those who bought the PS4 version of the game.

Urban Response

The only way to get this outfit is by buying the PlayStation 4 Digital Deluxe version of the game.

Extradimensional Suit

This outfit came with the game’s AWE DLC and looks like something out of this world. If you want it, you’ll need to find the two arcade machines (Shüm and Shüm II) located in the Active Investigations area.

Each machine has a number of scenarios you’ll have to complete to unlock the suit. Keep in mind that Shüm has four modes while Shüm II has six.

Expedition Gear

Remedy released a new update called “Expeditions” sometime in 2019. This free update added a new game mode to the game that involves the Jukebox, an object of power located in the Oldest House.

By interacting with the Jukebox, players will start an Expedition and be transported to a part of the Oldest House called The Formation. In this new place, they have a certain amount of time to complete a series of objectives.

Each expedition has a different tier, ranging from one to three, and each tier costs a different amount of tokens to active. Anyway, to unlock the Expedition Gear, just complete the third tier expedition.

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