Cuphead: How To Beat Ribby And Croaks

Indie games have seen a resurgence within the public eye in recent years. Thanks to Xbox and PlayStation’s increased support of smaller developers, these types of games have become more prevalent. One indie that is synonymous with breakout success is Cuphead. Studio MDHR‘s 1930s inspired masterpiece melds incredible animation, a fantastic soundtrack, and difficult gameplay.

Players must defeat over a dozen different bosses to complete this adventure, and the third boss that Cuphead fights is the Clip Joint Calamity duo: Ribby and Croaks. These Frog Brawlers pose quite the challenge, so take note of the tips we provide to tackle these foes with ease.

Phase One

Ribby and Croaks will start that battle on the right side of the screen, fighting together. They’ll each use a different attack to batter Cuphead. Croaks will intermittently use his Fiery Firefly to send flame-covered bugs that home in on Cuphead. To deal with them, swap to the Spread Shot and aim up to take them out simultaneously. Be on the lookout for his puffy cheeks, as this animation alludes to the attack.

Ribby will fight using his Throwin’ Punches, a move that launches fists that fly at three separate levels: low, medium, and high. Bob and weave through these attacks carefully, parrying any pink fists that come flying at Cuphead during the barrage. Try not to let Ribby get this attack off while the Fiery Fireflies are on the field, as they’ll make evading much more difficult. Use the Peashooter to take deal damage to the pair in between dodges until this phase concludes.

Phase Two

During the second phase, Ribby and Croaks will separate, attacking Cuphead from both sides of the map at once. Ribby will use his Bouncy Balls. The Bouncy Balls will bound around the field, hitting the walls and ceilings. This move is used in conjunction with Croak’s Frog Fan, which pushes Cuphead toward Ribby. Run forward to stop Cuphead from falling too far behind, dodging the Bouncy Balls and firing the Peashooter in the process. Once Croaks stops and opens his mouth, Ribby will barrel inside, initiating the final phase.

Final Phase

Ribby and Croaks combine and change into a slot machine for the final portion of this boss battle. They’ll launch Loaded Coins at Cuphead until the slot machine hand comes down and turns pink. Parry the arm while avoiding the coins. Switch to the Peashooter and be ready to encounter one of three options that the slot machine can dish out.

Option 1: Snake Eyes

If the slot machine lands on Snake Eyes, Cuphead will balance several spiked platforms while shooting at the open slot machine. These platforms remain at ground level but exit the slot machine at increasing speeds, so avoid using an EX attack, as it will throw off Cuphead’s control, knocking him into the spikes. Hop carefully between these platforms, making sure to keep firing.

Option 2: Tiger Trouble

The second slot pull, Tiger Trouble, can launch platforms with spikes and bouncing balls. These orbs fly out of each platform, so you’ll have to hop through each platform after the balls emerge. Don’t forget to keep shooting, despite the chaos. Just try to mitigate damage in this pull, as it is the most difficult.

Option 3: Bull Burner

The final pull is the Bull Burner, which spawns platforms that shoot fire from the top or bottom. If the fire comes from the top of the platforms, hop down and duck to avoid the flames and spikes. Should fire erupt from the bottom, hop on top of the platform to prevent taking damage. Continue shooting through each spin to take down the slot machine in a maximum of three spins to acquire the third soul contract.

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