Cyberpunk 2077 Character Creation Explained

Character creation in Cyberpunk 2077 is an in-depth process and there are a lot of options. You might be tempted to skip through all of the selections so you can jump into the gameplay, but you should stop and pay attention. Any decisions you make during the character creation phase are permanent, and cannot be changed later in the launch version of the game – we can hope CD Projekt Red gives players the option to change some of their customisation options later down the line.

Until we get the ability to change things around, we’re stuck with our chosen protagonist, so we should make each decision carefully in order to not be disappointed with our playthrough. You can choose most customisation options regardless of your chosen gender, but some romances with NPCs will only be available if you have chosen a certain voice or body type, so keep that in mind going forward, and check our complete guide to romances in Cyberpunk 2077 so you can decide who you want to be with in advance.


Body Type

You can choose between either a male or female body type – but this will lock you out of certain romances later in the game.

Voice Tone

You can choose either a masculine or feminine voice, but again, this will affect your choice of romances later.

Skin Tone

There are 12 different skin tones to choose from, and all of the following aesthetic choices do not impact romances or quests in any way.

Skin Type

There are five skin types, including a slightly grimier, dirt-covered skin type.

Hair Style

There are 39 hairstyles to choose from, but there’s nothing better than bald.

Hair Colour

24 different hair colours allow you to get fancy with your choices here.



There are 21 different kinds of eyes, each with different shapes.

Eye Colour

Once you’ve chosen your eye you should edit your eye colour – though this isn’t just colour, as there are dozens of unique iris designs to choose from.


Nine kinds of eyebrows, including the option to shave them off entirely.

Eyebrow Colour

Eight different eyebrow colours are available, and you need eyebrows to edit this, obviously.


There are 21 different noses to choose from.


Select from one of 21 different mouth shapes – though any are fine, really, V isn’t too expressive in practice.


Feel free to give you V either a more thick and firm, or softer jawline from one of 21.


21 different kinds of ears, no option to chop them off, luckily.


There are 13 kinds of beards including the clean-shaven option, and yes, any body type V can wear a beard.

Beard Style

There are seven types of beard styles too, but they’re not available for every beard.

Beard Colour

24 different beard colours honestly feels like overkill, even for me.


You can either wear one of eight different pieces of cyberware, or turn them off.

Facial Scars

Ten facial scars are available for aesthetic purposes, including off.

Facial Tattoos

Pick from one of 11 facial tattoos, or turn them off.


16 different kinds of piercing can be selected, including off.

Piercing Colour

You can change your piercings to one of 7 colours.


There are four pairs of alternate teeth to wear, but only the default doesn’t look… unhygienic…

Eye Makeup

Eight different kinds of eye makeup are available, or you can turn them off.

Eye Makeup Colour

Nine different colours are available for your choice of eye makeup.

Lip Makeup

Six styles of lip makeup, or the option to wear none.

Lip Makeup Colour

Nine shades to change up your lip makeup.

Cheek Makeup

Six styles of blush, not bad.

Cheek Makeup Colour

Three shades for that aforementioned blush.


There are three kinds of blemishes, or you can walk around looking “perfect.”

Blemish Colour

Six different colours are available to change up the blemishes.



You can choose between long or short nails – go long.

Nail Colour

37 different colours and designs for your nails is why you should go long, to make the most of it! I went with flames, personally.


You can toggle nipples on or off. I don’t know how to feel about this one.

Body Tattoos

Four different types or tattoos, or you can turn them off.

Body Scars

Two kinds of scarring, or you can turn it off.


You have options here: Penis 1, Penis 2, Vagina, or Off. All of these choices are valid irrespective of your other selections, and that’s all that matters.

Penis Size

If you choose Penis 1 or Penis 2, you can change it from Default to Small or Big. Tough choices.

Pubic Hair Style

5 different styles of public hair, or you can wax it clean.

Pubic Hair Colour

Only five public hair colours feels like a rip-off at this point.

Skill Allocation

Finally, once you’ve completed all of the different cosmetic choices you’re given a Skill Allocation screen, and other than your choice between Male/Female body types and voices, this is the only one that will affect gameplay. If you’re uncertain or want to double-check your options before you get started with the game, you can actually skip this screen and spend your skill points later, if you wish.

Our best bet is to jump into all of our Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guides, which will give you a good idea of what you should spec your skill points into before you make any decisions that you will wind up regretting – which is easily done in a game of this scope and scale.

And once you’re done there, make sure to check our guide to all of the single-point perks you can buy dirt cheap.

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