Danganronpa: Chapter 1 Trial Walkthrough

The first chapter of Danganronpa, like every other chapter in the game, ends once a “blackened” student is identified. This is someone who killed another student, purposefully or accidentally.

Each trial tells a unique story and requires you to really pay attention to evidence and what the characters are saying. This particular trial is to find out who killed Sayaka Maizono.

Trial Mechanics In Danganronpa

Before looking up the answer to certain puzzles, make sure you understand the mechanics in various parts of the trial first.

Non-Stop Debate: Students will be arguing amongst themselves. Highlighted phrases in orange are weak points that you can try to counter with a truth bullet. The truth bullet should disprove a certain weak point. Sometimes, depending on difficulty level, you will have to eliminate white noise covering a weak point to get to it. To eliminate white noise, just shoot at it.

Hangman’s Gambit: This game is essentially just solo hangman. Shoot at letters to form the right word.

Closing Argument: The key to this minigame is to know what order events happened in and what events did actually happen. There will be some false choices.

Bullet Time Battle: Turn your volume up. This rhythm game requires you to press buttons in time with the rhythm. At the end, select the correct truth bullet to their final statement.

Walkthrough Of Sayaka Maizono’s Case

Non-Stop Debate

The trial starts out with the non-stop debate mini-game. There will be three statements to shoot with truth bullets.

  • Chihiro will say “She didn’t even have a chance to resist.” Counter that with Evidence of a struggle.
  • Mondo will say “Some random knife.” Counter that with Kitchen Knife Set.
  • Toko will say “When nobody was in the dining hall.” Counter that with Aoi’s Account.

Multiple Choice

The game will then give you multiple choices for the question: who was the person who took the kitchen knife? You get to choose between Monokuma, Sayaka, and Hina.

The correct answer is Sayaka.

Hangman’s Gambit

Find a four-letter word that is “Something that should have been at the scene but wasn’t.”

The correct answer is HAIR.

Pick a Truth Bullet

To answer what object the killer broke, pick the bullet Bathroom Doorknob.

Non-Stop Debate

Leon will say “Sayaka had locked it.” Counter that statement with Bathroom Doorframe.

Multiple Choice

You have to decide which room the crime took place in, Makoto’s or Sayaka’s.

The correct answer is Makoto’s (your room).

Pick a Truth Bullet

Find evidence that there was no way Sayaka let someone in.

The correct Truth Bullet is Switching Rooms.

Non-Stop Debate

Celeste will say “The room Makoto was staying in.” Counter that with Dorm Nameplates.

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Multiple Choice

Answer the question, “The only person who knew we switched rooms was . . . ?” Pick between The Killer, Me, or Sayaka.

Sayaka is the correct answer.

Pick a Truth Bullet

For finding evidence on Sayaka’s wrist, the answer is easy. The correct truth bullet is Sayaka’s Wrist.

Non-Stop Debate

Hiro will say “A sword-based sneak attack.” Counter that with Replica Sword Sheathe.

Multiple Choices

A couple of multiple choice questions will occur. These are the answers in order of the questions.

  • Her palms.
  • The water was off.
  • Sayaka.

Non-Stop Debate

Leon will say “There are just aren’t anymore clues.” Counter that statement with Dying Message.

Multiple Choice

Choose proof that Sayaka wrote a message. Between Right Wrist, Fatal Wound, and Left Index Finger.

Left Index Finger is the right answer.

Identify the Person

Here is the big reveal. You will want to pick Leon Kuwata.

Pick a Truth Bullet

Choose the evidence found in front of the incinerator during the investigation. It is the Burnt Shirt Piece.

Multiple Choice

Pick a detail to find out who is responsible. The choices are How, Where, and When. The answer is How it was disposed of.

Non-Stop Debate

Leon will say “You have to get close to the incinerator.” Counter it with the Shattered Crystal Ball.

Multiple Choice

Before the closing argument are two multiple choice questions.

  • For the glass ball question, the answer is Throw it.
  • For the next question, the answer is Ultimate Baseball Star.

Closing Argument

Make the manga panels tell the story of the murder. Remember what order everything happened in.

Basically, Sayaka invited the killer to Makoto’s room with the intent to kill them. She attacked them with a kitchen knife, but they grabbed the fake sword and fought back. The sword broke her wrist, and she hid in the bathroom.

The killer forced the door open and killed Sayaka with the kitchen knife. As she died, she wrote a message on the wall behind her which spelled out the killer’s name.

To destroy evidence, the killer took their bloody shirt off. They used the room’s lint roller to clean. They then went to the trash room and threw Hiro’s crystal ball to hit the incinerator switch to destroy their shirt.

The killer was able to do this because they are the Ultimate Baseball Star. However, they missed hiding the evidence of a single piece of the shirt that the incinerator did not burn.

Bullet Time Battle

Lastly is the rhythm game. The truth bullet that ends it all is Toolkit.

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