Dark Souls 3 Player Beats Game Without Moving A Step

Dark Souls games are hard enough, but one player wanted to make 3 a little more of a challenge by removing an integral part of the experience – walking. Not a single step was taken and somehow, they managed to beat the game anyway.

As spotted by Kotaku, YouTuber ymfah managed to get through the entire game without walking by using various exploits and glitches like the Tear Drop bug that lets you get past death boxes, but they also used in-game systems like the Bandit Knife's quickstep skill. It's technically not walking.

To get about, they combined the quickstep ability with light attacks to move forward, but they wouldn't let themselves use the left stick at all, so they equipped a bow and aimed at enemies to reset their character's position, letting them turn so that they could move. Obtuse restrictions in place, ymfah managed to guide their character all the way to the end, fighting the Soul of Cinder, and winning.

Traversal is one thing, but another problem with not walking is that, when fighting bosses, you can't get close to them. They dictate the distance. For fights like Aldrich where they sit back with a bow and lay a barrage of arrows down, forcing you to run away, this no doubt makes things much, much harder. But ymfah took it in their stride.

They not only beat Dark Souls 3, toppling the Soul of Cinder and getting to the final bonfire, but they went through both DLCs as well, beating Slave Knight Gael. In the video, we see that they don't dodge in the traditional manner – rather than rolling out the way, they awkwardly quickstep through attacks.

But it works out. ymfah managed to power through, beating Gael with backsteps, quicksteps, and Tears of Denial, making mincemeat out of one of the Souls series' more difficult enemies. Talk about dedication. Now all we need is to see someone pull off the same in Elden Ring. Although, with how much bigger Elden Ring is, that might be a tall order.

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