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There are 40 hordes to take down in Days Gone. It is mandatory that you destroy three of these hordes as part of the main story. Smaller hordes will only have about 50 Swarmers whereas the most dangerous hordes can be comprised of up to 500 Swarmers.

Although hordes have a specific location where they will hibernate during the day, at night they are out and about. Thankfully, once you've unlocked the Horde Killer Storyline, if you get close to the location of the horde, it will show you where they usually travel to.

The hordes will contain higher numbers of Freakers, depending on the area you're in. The southern region of the map has the most dangerous hordes. Our guide will include the number of Swarmers each horde contains with thanks to Reddit user DMarlow310 who collated this information.

Note: Keep in mind that our guide has a couple of light spoilers regarding hordes and the Horde Killer Storyline. Even though it doesn't go into too many details, it's best to wait until you've at least completed the I Don't Have a Pic mission before reading.

Updated December 7, 2021 by Ashely Claudino: Days Gone is still gaining lots of new players and some players have even gotten back to the game to try the New Game Plus option or the Survival mode games. Either way, it's always fun to go back and get rid of some hordes, especially since you can now reset hordes and redo them anytime. We've updated this guide and added a table at the end with all hordes ordered by size.

The Location Of Hordes In The Cascade Region

The Cascade Region has a total of eight hordes. It's in this region that you will encounter some of the smaller hordes since it's the area in which you will start the game.

#1 – Grotto Caves Horde

• Size – 75

West of the Old Pioneer Cemetery, there's a Nero checkpoint nearby that you can fast-travel to.

#2 – Horse Lake Horde

• Size – 25

Near the Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp. Fast-travel to that location and simply head down south and you will quickly come across the horde.

#3 – Death Train Horde

• Size – 50

This horde is next to a Nero checkpoint (the Horse Lake Checkpoint) so if you've cleared the checkpoint you might not want to fast-travel there since it will be very close to the horde and might alarm them.

#4 – White King Mine Horde

• Size – 50

This horde is situated directly west of the Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush camp.

#5 – O'Leary Mountain Horde

• Size – 25

North of Deacon and Boozer's safe house, you will come across the O'Leary Mountain Horde.

#6 – Cascade Highway Horde

• Size – 50

To find this horde, head east of O'Leary Mountain. The horde is north of the Horse Creek Ambush Camp.

#7 – Proxy Falls Horde

• Size – 50

The Proxy Falls horde is east of Copeland's Camp and south of the Horse Creek Ambush Camp.

#8 – Little Bear Lake Horde

• Size – 30

This horde is right next to the Little Bear Lake Nero Checkpoint, it is right on the border between the Cascade region and the Belknap region.

The Location Of Hordes In The Belknap Region

There are a total of seven hordes inhabiting the Belknap region. Some of these hordes will be more populated than those in the Cascade region. The difficulty level is slightly more elevated here.

#1 – Shadow Lake Horde

• Size – 50

The Shadow Lake Horde is north of Marion Forks, there is even a Nero checkpoint nearby that you can fast-travel to in order to reach it faster.

#2 – Bear Creek Hot Springs Horde

• Size – 50

This horde is directly west of the Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp.

#3 – Patjens Lake Horde

• Size – 100

Situated northwest of Hot Springs, Tucker's camp.

#4 – Marion Forks Horde

• Size – 50

North of Marion Forks, you will find the Marion Forks horde, if you haven't cleared the infestation zone yet this can be a particularly dangerous zone to roam around in.

#5 – Lava Arch Horde

• Size – 50

The Lava Arch horde is just south of Marion Forks and east of the Hot Springs camp.

#6 – Belknap Crater Horde

• Size – 50

This horde is quite close to the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp, you can find it north of the ambush camp.

#7 – Twin Craters Hordes

• Size – 50

Brushing close to Ripper territory, you will find the Twin Craters horde, on the southern end of the Belknap region, west of Copeland's Camp.

The Location Of Hordes In The Iron Butte Region

There is only one horde in the Iron Butte region and it's part of a main story mission so it will not show up on the map tracker.

#1 – Iron Butte Resort Horde

• Size – 300

Near the warehouses in Iron Butte. North of the Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp.

The Location Of Hordes In The Lost Lake Region

The Lost Lake region has seven hordes in total, one of them is part of the main story mission.

#1 – River Flow Farms Horde

• Size – 75

Right on the border between the Lost Lake region and the Cascade region, the River Flow Farms horde is close by, north of Iron Mike's Farm.

#2 – Sherman's Camp Horde

• Size – 75

Another horde quite close to Iron Mike's Farm is Sherman's Camp horde, just west of the farm.

#3 – Metolius Lava Cave Horde

• Size – 150

North of Lost Lake Encampment, also known as Iron Mike's, is the Metolius Lava Cave horde.

#4 – Westfir Horde

• Size – 75

Northwest, next to the lake surrounding Rikki's encampment, is where you can find the Westfir horde.

#5 – Wapinitia Road Horde

• Size – 75

The Wapinitia Road horde is north of the Berley Lake Ambush Camp.

#6 – Berley Lake Horde

• Size – 75

This horde is located between the Old Sawmill Nero Checkpoint and the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint.

#7 – Old Sawmill Horde

• Size – 500

Head to the Old Sawmill to defeat this horde, there is a Nero checkpoint close by you can fast-travel to. The horde is part of the main story mission but you can try to take it on once again if you've chosen to reset all hordes in the game.

This is the biggest and most challenging horde in the game.

The Location Of Hordes In The Crater Lake Region

There are three hordes in this region. Although it may not seem like much, these hordes are very threatening due to their large numbers of Swarmers.

The Southern part of the map is significantly more dangerous. Thankfully, you also get access to more powerful weapons and crafting recipes at this point in the game. However, due to their size, it's important to plan carefully before facing these larger hordes. They can easily overwhelm you and take you down in a matter of seconds.

#1 – McLeod Ridge Horde

• Size – 150

This horde is in the snow-covered area of the map. West of the Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp and northeast of the Diamond Lake Encampment.

#2 – Mt. Bailey Horde

• Size – 275

The Mt. Bailey horde can be found directly west of the Diamond Lake Encampment.

#3 – Rimview Ranch Horde

• Size – 150

Head south of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Nero Checkpoint to encounter this horde.

The Location Of Hordes In The Highway 97 Region

The Highway 97 region is the most horde-filled region in the game and consequently the most dangerous area on the entire map. There are 13 hordes in this region. Plus, not only are hordes plentiful here, but they are also large hordes.

#1 – Beaver Marsh Rest Stop Horde

• Size – 130

South of the Santiam Tunnel Nero Checkpoint and east of the Cascade Lakes Railway Ambush Camp is where the Beaver Marsh Rest Stop horde is located.

#2 – Mt. Scott Ski Resort Horde

• Size – 125

This horde is very close to the Beaver Marsh Rest Stop horde, simply head east of the other horde's location.

#3 – Sagebrush Point Horde

• Size – 125

This horde is at the northeastern corner of the southern part of the map.

#4 – Beasley Lake Horde

• Size – 125

The Beasley Lake horde is next to the Sage Point horde just a bit further east.

#5 – Cascade Lake Rail Line Horde

• Size – 125

North of the Chemult gas station, across the small river.

#6 – Chemult Station Horde

• Size – 125

You will have to defeat this horde as a part of the main story, but during the main story, it contains 300 Swarmers instead of 125. As its name indicates, it is right next to Chemult Station.

#7 – Groose Gardens Horde

• Size – 125

South of Chemult Station. The horde rests inside a large house.

#8 – Chemult Community College Horde

• Size – 125

This is a main story mission in the game that can definitely be easier if you take down this horde.

It's a very tough horde and it's also an infestation zone as well as a Nero checkpoint. So clearing out the nests before attempting to destroy the horde is wise. The Swarmers roam around on the football field, next to Chemult Community College.

#9 – Rum Rye Gulch Horde

• Size – 125

South of Chemult Community College. The horde can be found inside a cave.

#10 – Juniper Ridge Horde

• Size – 125

This horde is quite similar to the Rum Rye Gulch horde, the Swarmers also rest inside a cave and their size is exactly the same. To find it, keep heading down the same dirt road. It is located a bit further down west.

#11 – Friendship Ridge Horde

• Size – 125

The horde is located close to the Bare Bay Ambush Camp. Fast-travel to the camp and then ride northwest on your bike. You can find the horde inside a warehouse.

#12 – Lobert Draw Ridge Horde

• Size – 300

West of the Friendship Ridge horde is where you will be able to track down and find the Lobert Draw Ridge horde, just south of the Pillette Bridge Nero Checkpoint.

#13 – Solomon Hill Horde

• Size – 125

North of the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp, close to the Rimview Ranch Horde.

These are all the hordes you can clear throughout the various regions in the world map of Days Gone. You can reset hordes and other missions as many times as you want.

All Hordes By Size

If you'd like to tackle all the hordes you might want to do it by size since it's much easier to take down a 75 Freaker horde than a 300 Freaker horde and it helps build up confidence for the larger ones. Here are all hordes in the game according to their size.

Horse Lake Horde25
O'Leary Mountain Horde25
Little Bear Lake Horde30
Death Train Horde50
White King Mine Horde50
Cascade Highway Horde50
Proxy Falls Horde50
Shadow Lake Horde50
Bear Creek Hot Springs Horde50
Marion Forks Horde50
Lava Arch Horde50
Belknap Crater Horde50
Twin Craters Horde50
Grotto Caves Horde75
River Flow Farms Horde75
Sherman's Camp Horde75
Westfir Horde75
Wapinitia Road Horde75
Berley Lake Horde75
Patjens Lake Horde100
Mt. Scott Ski Resort Horde125
Sagebrush Point Horde125
Beasley Lake Horde125
Cascade Lake Rail Line Horde125
Chemult Station Horde125
Groose Gardens Horde125
Chemult Community College Horde125
Rum Rye Gulch Horde125
Juniper Ridge Horde125
Friendship Ridge Horde125
Solomon Hill Horde125
Beaver Marsh Rest Stop Horde130
Metolius Lava Cave Horde150
McLeod Ridge Horde150
Rimview Ranch Horde150
Mt. Bailey Horde275
Iron Butte Resort Horde300
Lobert Draw Ridge Horde300
Old Sawmill Horde500

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