Days Gone Easter Eggs and NERO missions tease possible Syphon Filter connection

The Syphon Filter games spanned from 1999 to 2007 with the story covering terrorism, spies and global pandemic. Main character Gabe Logan is an agent for the International Presidential Consulting Agency whose job it is to prevent bioterrorism by utilising the Syphon Filter Virus.

Fan theories suggest that the Freakers in Days Gone could be products of a bioterrorism attack and therefore a strong hint that the two games are set in the same world. And there’s more.

Firstly, there are a number of visual connections between the two games. The NERO researches who were supposed to protect residents and contain the virus bear a striking resemblance to the Chemical and Biological Defence Command who aid Gabe during Syphon Filter.

While this could simply be another call back to the Syphon Filter games, field notes you can find during a NERO mission hint that it may be more than this. One specific audio clip Deacon can find will unlock a readable note that includes the statement: “… speculation that the virus is bioengineered.” Sounds a lot like the sort of thing Gabe Logan was up against, right?

Fans are speculating that any one of the above links could be written off as mere coincidence or a simple nod to the developer’s history, but when combined and examined together they suggest that Days Gone is actually a direct sequel to the Syphon Filter series.

But what do you think? Are these Easter eggs simple Bend Studio throwbacks or does fan detective work signal more? Might any connection even have consequences for any future Days Gone storyline?

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