Dead By Daylight: Dwight Best Builds And Play Guide

There are well over 30 survivors in Dead By Daylight, making it hard to imagine that the game was initially launched with only four of them. Dwight Fairfield was one among these four original characters, and he has received multiple redesigns over the year, making people love him, even more, every time.

Dwight is one of the most popular characters in the game, and he's also the go-to character for the cosmetic designing team whenever it comes to Christmas cosmetics. He has a very cute vibe to him, making him hard to dislike.

An Introduction To Dwight Fairfield

Dwight has one of the saddest lore when it comes to survivors in Dead By Daylight. He is always in search of people to hang out with, but they always end up abandoning him. He tries his best at everything but is an average human being who's not that good at anything.

Just like every other character, he comes to the game with three of his own perks named Bond, Prove Thyself, and Leader. You need to level this character up to prestige three to unlock all of these perks on every character, allowing him to share his perks which he'd absolutely love.

Perk Synergies With Bond

Being one of the first few perks released, Dwight's perks are simple and easy to understand and execute, including Bond. Having this perk on allows you to see the aura of your teammates when they're within 36 meters around you. It's a very common perk in the game.

This perk can be very useful when you're getting chased, as you can avoid the areas your teammates are in, or you can go towards them if you need help. It can be synergized with a bunch of others to get value out of your build, and here are some of them.

Open-HandedThis perk belongs to Ace Visconti, and it increases your aura reading ability by 16 meters. It doesn't have any aura reading by itself but combined with Bond, this combination reveals all survivor auras within 52 meters radius, which is a massive area.
Better Than NewWhile you can see the aura of your teammates, you can also judge their health state with this. If the survivors are injured, you can go up to them and heal them with Better than New, giving them a speed buff for multiple things and making the game faster.
AlertBond only allows you to see your teammates, but what if you also want to see the killer through walls? While there are multiple aura perks to see the killer's aura, Alert works best with Bond as you can avoid your teammates more efficiently when you have these two perks.
Residual ManifestOne of the most popular reasons to use Bond is to set yourself up for a flashlight save since you can follow the teammate who's getting chased. Residual Manifest allows you to get a free flashlight, making this process much easier if you don't want to bring a flashlight from your inventory.
Mettle of ManThere might be times when you don't have anything to save your teammate who's getting chased. In these times, you can simply take protection hit for them, allowing them to make a lot of distance.

With Mettle of Man, you get a free health state after taking three protection hits, helping you in dire times when you desperately need it.

VigilExhaustion perks are very popular in the game, and Vigil allows you to get rid of the Exhaustion, Broken, Hindered, Blindness, Oblivious, Hemorrhage, and Exposed status effects 30 percent faster for you and your teammates nearby.

Perk Synergies With Prove Thyself

The developers for Dead By Daylight are very careful while releasing a perk that allows you to do generators faster. Being a sensitive subject, a lot of people dislike Prove Thyself. The perk allows you to get 15 percent repair speed for every survivor working on the generator near you.

This effect is also applied to the survivors near you. Being related to the main objective for survivors, Prove Thyself can have a lot of synergies.

Situational AwarenessTo work on generators with your teammates, you first need to find them or allow them to find you. Situational Awareness reveals the aura of the generator you're working on to survivors within a 32-meter radius.

Further, you can also see every other survivor when a survivor is downed as you're repairing a generator, allowing you to find another survivor working on generators. This allows for higher value from Prove Thyself.

OverzealousWhen we're planning to repair generators faster, might as well add even more speed to it. After cleansing a totem with Overzealous, you get an 8 percent boost to your repair speed, double if it's a hex totem.

While you lose this effect if you lose a health state by any means, this combined with Prove Thyself can give you significant speed if you can avoid damaging your health state for a long time.

HyperfocusThe Rebecca Chambers perk makes this process even faster by giving you a higher progression for hitting great skill checks multiple times. Your repair speed is reduced when you're working on a generator with your teammate, but this perk gives direct progress, avoiding the slowdown.
Dark SenseWhenever you finish a generator, which is going to be very common with Prove Thyself, Dark Sense activates. Whenever the killer gets within a 24-meter radius, you can see their aura for ten seconds, making it much easier to position yourself.
Repressed AllianceNo one likes the moment where you've repaired a generator for a long time, but the killer comes in the area and the generator starts regressing because of Hex: Ruin, or because they kicked it.

Repressed Alliance allows you to block these generators for a while, and it can't regress during this period. That's more than enough time for you, or another teammate, to get back on it, completely negating the regression.

AftercareFinally, while this perk isn't as effective, it still allows you to see the aura of survivors that you've finished healing or unhooking action with throughout the map. This can help you in tracking the generators that are being worked on.

Perk Synergies With Leader

While Dwight's nothing like a leader, this perk definitely allows you to be one by thinking about others before yourself. When it's equipped, the survivors within eight meters of you get a 25 percent speed boost to almost everything except generator repair. There aren't a lot of perks directly buffing your teammates in the game.

This leads to a lack of synergies with leader, but here are a few that exist:

Blood PactOne of the few things you can use Leader on yourself is by allowing a survivor to heal you with the speed boost from it. Blood Pact allows you to have a Haste effect whenever you heal the obsession or get healed by them.

You and the obsession also see each other's aura when one of you is injured. While this requires a lot of cooperation, it can be perfect in a chase.

Inner FocusThis perk allows you to see scratch marks of all of your teammates, making it much easier to find them if you want to use Leader.
ResurgenceAfter a teammate unhooks you with 25 percent higher speed, you are already 50 percent healed, making the process much faster so both of you can repair some generators.

Dwight Fairfield's Lore-Based Build

Being one of the original characters, Dwight has some detailed lore about him. This makes the lore-based build feel even better with the number of perks in the game.

Sole SurvivorBefore coming into the world of Dead By Daylight, Dwight was abandoned by all of his friends. This makes Sole Survivor a perfect fit for him since he's always the last one left.
Quick And QuietEveryone knows that Dwight is a scared little bean who loves his lockers, and this perk allows him to get inside them quietly.
Spine ChillJumpscare is the last thing he wants, and Spine Chill can help him to avoid getting one.
BondEven though he's left alone, he still tries his best to look for people to hang out with, and it becomes easier when you can see other survivors' aura.

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