Dead By Daylight Fans Speculate That Custom Maps Are Coming In The Next Patch

Dead by Daylight released a new clip on Twitter with the caption, "How did these tiles get here? Coming soon," with a seemingly revamped version of the MacMillan Estate. This is in line with fansite DBD Leaks' own claims, "On PTB, you can encounter weirdly generated maps from the MacMillan Estate realm. This is the first test of 'User Generated Map'. Which would basically allow players to modify how [any] given map is generated."

The MacMillan Estate is an original map that launched with Dead by Daylight in 2016, but the new update shows it with added maze titles or "gyms" which are C-Shaped wall sections with obstacles that can be used to stop a killer in their tracks. The previous June PTB for patch 6.1 also featured several changes to the MacMillan realm, sparking speculation (thanks, PCGamesN).

However, these changes could simply be an update to the map, adding new gyms to keep things fresh. Patch 6.1 isn't far off though, launching on July 19, so we won't have to wait too long to find out. Regardless, some fans are hoping to see and speculating about custom maps, adding something completely new to try out after six years.

Another theory is that maps won't be customisable but random, changing each time you load into a game. This would mean new pallet spawns, maze tiles, etc., keeping each match different from the last. Although this would implement a new RNG element that could be controversial. But it could be tied to the caption, "How did these tiles get here?", although nothing has been officially confirmed.

In other Dead by Daylight news, rumours are swirling that Fortnite will be crossing over with the asymmetrical horror giant. An insider claimed that the two will be collaborating "soon" with a possible Llama charm coming to DBD and a "Meg Thomas" skin in Fortnite.

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