Dead By Daylight: Moonlight Burrow Event Guide

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Apart from the asymmetrical nature of Dead By Daylight, the events hosted in the game are another source of player retention. During these time-limited events, the developers change a lot of things while introducing some new mechanics that players can interact with. The game always celebrates Lunar New Year in its own way.

To celebrate this event in 2023, the Moonlight Burrow event started a few hours after the 6.5.0 update that brought solo survivor buffs and adjustments to The Nurse And Knight. This event brings back some old mechanics while introducing many new things for its player base.

How To Get Free In-Game Cosmetics

The most important part of the event is the envelope system that allows you to get up to eight cosmetics and two charms for free. This mechanic was also used for the Lunar event last year, and it's easy to understand. During this event, every player can get the Red Envelope offering from survivor and killer bloodwebs.

When a player uses this offering, it generates a Red Envelope for them in the trial. You'll be able to see the aura of your envelope from the start of the trial. Once you head over to the floating item and interact with it, the aura of the envelope will be shown to all other players including the people playing against you.

This means that the killer will be able to see the aura of your envelope when you interact with it as a survivor. If you're playing the killer role, you can also use this mechanic to know the exact location of at least one survivor.

If another player interacts with your envelope throughout the trial, it will disappear, and you'll gain a random amount of Bloodpoints and one of the event cosmetics. The person who interacted with your envelope will also get random Bloodpoints. Players can interact with your envelope even if they find it before you interact with it, but you'll still get the rewards.

Similarly, you can interact with another player's envelope to get some free Bloodpoints. You can get as high as 25,000 Bloodpoints from this interaction.

Red Envelope is the only event item that can be acquired by the killers, but survivors can also get event Toolboxes and Firecrackers. You won't be able to use the envelope when the event ends on February 7, 2023, but you can use the other items whenever you want.

When someone successfully opens your envelope in the trial, you'll be able to see the item you got as soon as you load back into the lobby. Here's everything you can get from the event for free:

  • Hidden Rabbit for The Trickster
  • Suit of Madness for The Doctor
  • Rain Slicer for The Oni
  • Golden Tall Hat for The Blight
  • Golden Bunny for Yun-Jin Lee
  • Employee Badge for Jonah Vasquez
  • Triangular Glasses for Claudette Morel
  • Running in Circles for Élodie Rakoto
  • Lunar Rabbit Charm
  • Quiet Rabbit Charm

The item you get is completely random, and it can take you up to ten tries if you want a specific cosmetic. Although, it's not hard to get someone to open your envelope as far as you bring the offering.

Other Moonlight Burrow Event Mechanics

While the envelopes are the main part of the event where you'll get a bunch of cosmetics, there are some other changes to the world of The Entity as well. The first change you'll notice as soon as you get into the game is the new lobby. The developers have followed the trend of changing the lobby background during the event.

Along with this, there's a special effect when you use the Red Envelope offering when the game is starting. The offering will have different audio and visual effect. The generators, hooks, and exit doors have also been decorated in the spirit of the event. Every single generator and hook has lunar decorations.

You get some extra Bloodpoints whenever someone finishes a lunar generator in your team while playing Survivor, or if you hook a Survivor on a lunar hook as the killer. Along with the Bloodpoints from envelopes, this event is perfect for some farming.

Finally, there are some brand-new Lunar Lanterns scattered throughout the map. These are rare to spot, but the player can get a Haste effect after interacting with this item for a couple of seconds. This Haste effect can make it a lot easier to chase or be chased depending on your role.

New Event Outfits

While there are many new in-game cosmetics that you can get for free, the shop also has some new lunar-themed outfits for Feng and Vittorio called Down The Rabbit Hole and Auspicious Apparel respectively. You can purchase these cosmetics from the in-game shop for 1080 Auric Cells each.

All the Lunar-themed cosmetics from the previous year and this year will be removed from the shop when the event ends on February 7, 2023. Although, these outfits will return when the event comes next year.

While these aren't Lunar New Year exclusive cosmetics, there were some more beautifully-designed Resident Evil cosmetics launched alongside the Update 6.5.0:

  • Lunar Qipao for Ada Wong
  • Revelations Gear for Jill Valentine
  • William Birkin for The Blight (Legendary cosmetic)

Keep in mind that these outfits will stay in the game even after the Lunar event. Moreover, you can only purchase them using Auric Cells (with the Blight skin costing 1485) and they're all linked cosmetics. These aren't the only new shop cosmetics coming in the update.

On February 7, 2023, a new collection called Deadly Games will appear in the shop. This will involve an outfit for Mikaela Reid, Adam Francis, and The Trapper. The Spirit and Huntress are also going to get their Hooked On You-themed cosmetic on February 14, 2023. Players who can afford to spend real money in the game can look forward to these cosmetics.

There's also a new rift that was released one day after the update, and it features the story of The Knight and Vittorio Toscano. You can get free medieval cosmetics for The Huntress, Feng Min, Vittorio Toscano, The Knight, and Claudette Morel along with some recolors. You can finish the survivor and killer challenges in different tomes to progress through the rift.

Moonlight Burrow Sales

It wouldn't be a Dead By Daylight event without a bunch of sales. Firstly, select DLCs are 50 percent off on Xbox, Playstation, and Switch platforms. Every chapter has its own DLC in the game, and you can buy it to get all the new characters without having to spend Auric Cells or Iridescent Shards to get them in-game.

A bunch of store cosmetics will also be on 40 percent sale instead of the usual ten percent, which means you can buy the whole cosmetic for 720 Auric Cells. This sale doesn't apply to the Iridescent Shard price, but a lot of Lunar cosmetics were made available for purchase with Iridescent Shard on January 17, 2023.

Here are all the cosmetics that are currently on sale and were also made available with Shards in the store:

Character Name

Cosmetic Name

Ace Visconti

Seasoned Gambler

Feng Min

Spring Festival

Jeff Johansen

New Year Showgoer

The Deathslinger

The Oxen Bounty

The Legion

New Year Shoplifter (Susie)

The Wraith

The Golden Ox

The Huntress

Brave Beast

Since most of these cosmetics are Lunar-themed, they'll be going away from the game on February 7, 2023, as well. You will only get a chance to buy these cosmetics again during the Lunar event next year.

The developers have decided to make all the event cosmetics time-limited. While they will rerun every year, you won't be able to get them at any time you want. The change comes after they decided to make all the cosmetics available with Iridescent Shards eventually.

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