Dead Space Remake Fans Have Already Discovered An Infinite Money Glitch

The Dead Space remake has been very well received, with players and critics holding it up as a great example of how to remake a game. Slugging your way through the dark corridors and spooky rooms of the USG Ishimura has never looked so good, while those looking to gain an advantage over the game's creepy combatants may well want to try out this infinite money glitch which some canny players have discovered.

The Dead Space remake reportedly contains a glitch that allows players to gain extra credits and upgrade nodes (via DualShockers). The glitch was discovered by Reddit user Mrthrowawaymcgee and then expanded on by u/TyberZann191 who posted both a visual guide and instructions on how to exploit the glitch. It's a handy one since upgrade nodes and currency credits are key to getting new ammo, suits, and equipment upgrades to toughen up against those scary necromorphs.

It's not a walk in the park as there are some requirements. The glitch will need players to have at least seven power nodes in order to get all the capacity upgrades for the Pulse rifle, as well as 15,000 credits, and a safe place with the OP recommending the tram area at the end of chapter one.

"This method has significantly made Impossible mode a bit easier," wrote TyberZann191, "now that I have plenty of ammo and health to avoid getting one shot or swarmed back to Hard". And with the large amount of credits and upgrades players can gain using this trick, making the fraught decision on what to upgrade should become less stressful.

Even after the patch that released a couple days players are reporting that the glitch still works so those looking to maximise their currency should give it a go while they still can since it's not guaranteed the developer won't patch out the exploit in the future. Just make sure to have at least 15,000 credits or more to get the most out of the infinite money glitch.

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