Deathverse: Let It Die – Every Weapon, Ranked

With a vast selection of skins to go through, Deathverse: Let It Die is bound to grow on you sooner or later. But the whole point of the game isn’t to look good, even though it’s hard not to. The most important part of the game is to come up on top of the Death Jamboree. You’ll need to know what weapon is best for you.

Now, we’re here to leave you with a ranking of all the weapons the game offers. We won’t just talk about the five main types, but we will also look at their upgraded variations. So get ready to find out if you need to grind those extra hours to pick up your new favorite weapon or if you can settle for a basic version.

15/15 Death Parade Saw

With the Buzzsaw Slicer, you can surf on the ground, but with the Death Parade Saw, you can climb up walls. Physics isn’t a thing when you’re using the Wall Machine ability. This Buzzsaw is a bit of an odd one, the Mastery Bonus 0.1T Heavy Fall is okay to have when combined with the Wall Machine. But when it comes to Torque Salamander, you’ll find that the ranged attack doesn’t fit into the mix.

14/15 Eternal Aegis

As Gungho wants to point out, the Eternal Aegis is similar to the Aegis Defense System, as it protects you and deals loads of damage to your foes. Once someone comes into your range of attack, hit them with a Shocking Bearhug to send them home crying. And if they feel like countering, pop up your Electromagnetic Curtain. Once they’re tired, don’t forget about your Sweet Revenge Mastery Bonus (if you’ve unlocked it that is), and hit them with a Reverse Strike.

13/15 Iron Hammer

Hammer users are going through a rough patch at the moment, or at least everyone else is, and they're taking it out on the Hammer wielders. Those that use the Hammer, know that the weapon is OP at the moment, so before this gets patched let’s look at perks.

The Hyper Deathblow offers extra damage on Deathblows. It's the Iron Go-Round, and Meat Buster that will always be a real danger to you (or your foes). The Iron Go-Round offers a moving whirlwind attack that is extremely dangerous to those around you, while the Meat Buster adds some well-needed speed to the hammer.

12/15 Metal Machete

The Metal Machete is considered by many (and the game) to be the beginners' choice, this might be true, but if you’re counting bodies and adding up points at the end of the Jamboree it doesn’t matter what people think about you.

With the Hyper Deathblow Mastery Bonus, which deals additional damage when performing a deathblow, and the Driving Smash ability you’re bound to wreak some havoc. Also, don’t forget about lighting up your machete on fire with the Torch Sword perk.

11/15 Teppu Raika

Twilight Form is such a great perk, that even the upgraded Teppu Raika offers it. The special alloy used to create the Teppu Raika is supposedly able to take down every type of armor, but that must just be the creative copy speaking.

Party People is a good Mastery Bonus if you’re looking to cut voltage costs to enter Fever Mode, but the redeeming factor behind this weapon is the Lethal Flash. A beautiful samurai-style quick slash.

10/15 Buzzsaw Slicer

GungHo says that it’s one of the hardest weapons to use in-game, but the devs forget to say that it’s also one of the most fun. With a sweet surfing attack where you hop onto the Buzzsaw Slicer and surf towards the enemy, dealing damage along the way, and the Typhoon Intercept, which offers force field protection, it feels great. Don’t you go forgetting about the Mastery Bonus Hyper Deathblow.

9/15 Reverberator

By dealing damage to your surroundings while dodging, you’re bound to have a great run. Also, the Reverberator is a great weapon to use at the range.

Thanks to Refrain Chaser, you’ll be able to take down enemies from afar with its three energy balls, and well Antlion can be a bit of a downer if you miss by an inch.

8/15 Diving Hatchet

A perfect “ranged” weapon, the Diving Hatchet can stop your opponents in their tracks. With abilities like Zero Fire and Universal Adhesive, you’ll be able to take down your foes without having to get too close to them. The former shoots out a force field from your Machete, while the latter ability shoots out a glue-like substance that’ll stop your enemies in their tracks. A great leeway to the Sweet Revenge Mastery Bonus, where you’ll add extra damage on Reverse Strikes.

7/15 Steel Katana

Uncle Death’s favorite weapon is the Katana. Might it be because of the Yotsuyama Broadcasting Company Japanese background? That doesn’t matter at all. What you want to know is how much damage can the Steel Katana do. With the Hyper Deathblow Mastery Bonus, you’re bound to do some extra damage with each Deathblow.

But what about those perks? The Tempest Blade offers a Whirlwind attack, but what you want to be using is Twilight Form. When this is activated you’ll be able to break through enemy shields.

6/15 Iron Fist

The Gauntlets are some of the game's best weapons. Even by starting with the Iron Fist, you’ll be able to take down your enemy's shields with normal attacks. As you know by now, Hyper Deathblow is the Mastery Bonus of choice when it comes to Tier 1 weapons, giving you the chance to deal extra damage when performing a Deathblow.

The two abilities, Electromagnetic Curtain and Atomic Thunder Attacks, are great ways to evade damage. The Curtain shields you from all sides, while the Atomic Thunder Attacks deal damage to anything that is in your path.

5/15 Double Anthem

Double Anthem is a ranged weapon, and you can’t convince us otherwise. The Catapult Motor ability has the longest range in-game and deals a good amount of damage as well. The Double Anthem’s Mastery Bonus is good to have when wanting to reach Fever Mode quicker.

Last, but not least, use that verticality thanks to the Wall Machine Ability.

4/15 Earthshaker

Earthshaker is the OP weapon of choice, for now at least (and that's why it can't go into the top three). With Dog Fighter as a Mastery Bonus, which offers additional damage when attacking foes from behind, and Crash Hopper timed correctly can result in two hit kills, you’ll be the most hated player in the Jamboree. The Antlion is great if you can use it properly and aim your opponent correctly. It’s a hit-and-miss perk.

3/15 Imperial Cutter

There are a lot of Imperial references in the game, and one of the latest we should talk about is the Imperial Cutter Machete. An upgrade from your standard Metal Machete, the Imperial Cutter, offers the same Torch Sword perk to use on your enemies, but can also use the Napalm Shot ability.

With Napalm Shot, you’ll be able to shoot out a burning projectile from your Machete and do a nice amount of damage to your opponent. It’s going to be a blast. Don’t forget to unlock the Dog Fighter Mastery Bonus of the Imperial Cutter to increase all damage done from behind.

2/15 Meteor Crusher

The Meteor Crusher is just what it sounds like, a devastating weapon ready to take down foes with loads of gravity-crushing force. Its Mastery Bonus is the 0.1T Heavy Fall that rewards you when completing a successful Dangerous Dive by dealing more damage.

When it comes to abilities Astro Jumper gives you a nice two-hit combo, first off a frontal hit followed up by a high jump that’ll give you the force needed to crush your foe. And finally, the Zeus Trap encloses your enemy in an electric force field. Good luck getting out of that one.

1/15 Vortex Katana

The Vortex Katana is considered by many players as the most effective weapon to use. Its In-Fighter Mastery Bonus offers you the ability to deal damage to your surroundings when dodging in general. It’s a good perk to have if you ask us.

If you thought that was the only reason this is the best weapon out there, the Vortex Katana offers also two superb abilities: The Ripple Dance and Vengeance. The first one is a four-hit combo that might also be the end of your enemy, and the second gives you a secured counter-attack. A deadly duo if you ask us.

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