DecaPolice Announced At Nintendo Direct, Coming 2023

Level-5 comes to today's Nintendo Direct with a new offering that offers a unique twist on a classic genre. DecaPolice brings the investigative challenges of a legal drama with the turn-based combat of a classic RPG.

In DecaPolice, you play as the lead detective of a special investigations unit with access to a secret weapon: Decasim, a virtual world that's a "perfect copy of reality." Rather than deal with the messiness of an actual crime scene, you can investigate the crime from the comfort of a stasis pod, checking out every angle of the scene using technology we can only dream of.

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Fill out your case file with evidence, pick a partner from your crack team, and find the culprit in tactical operations. Then head to the real world to track them down and arrest them.

Expect villains to range from mustachioed men in top hats with robot accomplices to mysterious hackers working in secret for a powerful corporation that can hack the Decasim and turn the normally blonde protagonist into a patchwork cat plush. Things get even weirder when you're tasked with tracking down an ornate robot that eats jewels.

Combat seems turn-based with characters able to launch special attacks, including one where the blonde detective fires a massive energy blast from a glowing digital bow.

DecaPolice arrives later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

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