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There are different types of mining missions in Deep Rock Galactic. One of the more tedious ones is fixing up a liquid morkite refinery. This mission comes off as more of a puzzle instead of mining and shooting because you have to connect and build things.

If it's your first time playing, this can seem confusing and tiresome. However, successfully connecting all the pipes and defending them is pretty easy once you understand how to maneuver around caves and defy gravity while holding a building blueprint. Simple, right? Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about liquid Morkite in Deep Rock Galactic

How To Find The Liquid Morkite Geysers

Once you first enter the cave, the first thing you want to do, aside from mining Nitra, is request pumpjacks. These are the towers you will need to connect the pipes too, but they don't spawn into the world until you find a specific phenomenon. The liquid Morkite geysers.

Around the map, there will be dark blue geysers spewing out this liquid. You can find them easily by listening in for the sound of shooting water or by taking out your terrain scanner and looking for pink markers. When you hover over them with your scanner, it will say liquid Morkite.

To request a pumpjack, all you have to do is walk up to the geyser until you see an option to interact and call one.

  • Don't stand directly on the geyser, it will injure you.

Standing on the side of it is good enough. You will have to call down all three pumpjacks to start building. You could start placing down pipes beforehand, but by finding the geysers and requesting them, you'll be scouting out the area and should know where to go for when it's time to build.

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Connecting And Building Pipelines To Pumpjacks

This is the hard part. By now you will realize that the pumpjacks are very far from the refinery and seemingly unobtainable. To get your pipe connections to the pumpjacks, you'll have to employ various tricks. Sometimes all you have to do is dig a staircase towards the pumpjack. Other times, you'll need an engineer for platforms and will have to take the pipe through the entire map before reaching the pumpjack.

Walk everywhere while in the pipes building mode to see where it can and can't go. The pipeline has some rules, such as not being able to be placed if the area is too steep of a drop. You'll have to snake it around every bump and hill to reach a pumpjack because most of the time, it will not be able to just go straight to one. This is where it gets tedious as you try to find a suitable path to connect pipes. It's all about trial and error.

Tips To Save A Dwarf With Efficient Pipes

  • If a section of the pipe is not constructed yet, only placed, you can destroy it. This is handy if you make a mistake and want to redo your pipe connections. Because of this, it's best to not construct and finish any pipes until you're sure the line works.
  • You can ride the pipelines finished or unfinished. This is probably a given since it gives you the prompt to grind when you look at a placed pipe, but this feature isn't just for fun and games. It's a crucial part of reaching the refinery fast or escaping death.
  • If more than one person is building or repairing the same section of a pipe, the progress bar will speed up significantly. Help out your fellow dwarves!

Repairing And Defending Pipes

If it's your first time or you've been given the most unlucky map ever, it may take you an hour to connect every pipe to a pumpjack and that's only the first half of this mission. Afterward, you must defend the refinery and repair broken pipes. This is where the swarm of enemies will come in continuously until the machine has collected enough liquid Morkite for the drop pod to be called in. On the top right of your screen, there will be an image of the entire machine. It fills up with the color grey and says what percentage of completion it's at.

Grinding on the pipelines is most efficient for repairing leaks from swarms. When the pipes get damaged, parts of them will glow red and have an alarm sound. If your pipes are very long and hidden behind hills, you'll never find them. Unless you take a ride on the refinery rollercoaster.

Each pipe is numbered one, two, and three. On the top right image of the machine, it will say which line needs repairing. At the refinery, look at the beginning of each pipeline on the floor. The line numbers are shown here. Grind on the number that needs repairing and you're there. The pipelines are also numbered at every connecting point, so if you see a pipeline and don't know what number it is, you can shine a light on it to see.

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