Deliveroo will give you a free burrito if you smash this big red button

If you like playing video games, live in Bristol and enjoy eating food, then boy, do we have the perfect press release for you.

Deliveroo is installing a (engage cap lock) 'EMERGENCY BURRITO BUTTON' in the Bristol Belong Gaming Arena on Monday 23rd September to deliver FREE food at the click of a (big red) button.

OK, but, Why? Well, we're told that its to kick-off the Belong Arena Clash tournament and help fuel participants.

On top of that, the Belong team also added this:

“With the ever-increasing popularity of Esports, Belong and Deliveroo want to make sure that the gaming community is nurtured and cared for” a Belong statement explained.

“Belong Gaming Arenas are places where friends and community can spend quality time together enjoying the games they love – without skipping important meals!”

Right, so, food, friends, games. Sounds like a good idea. They’re even catering for your specific dietary needs, as you’ll be able to order veggie or meaty.

Although, for now, it’s only a barnstorming idea in Belong’s Bristol Merchant Street branch, who knows, maybe they'll install more big red buttons up and down the country

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