Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To Taniks, The Abomination

Taniks might not have found a new house, but he has found a new way to torment Guardians once again. This legendary Fallen warrior has returned as the Deep Stone Crypt raid’s final boss. Players actually encounter him sooner, seeing him right before the Atraks fight and encountering him directly during the Descent encounter.

Both the Descent and Taniks fight use similar mechanics, introducing the Suppressor augment and the concept of Nuclear Cores. The final two encounters of this raid require a solid amount of coordination, although this shouldn’t be much of an ask for teams that just conquered Atraks-1. From augments to Triumphs, here is a complete guide to the final two encounters of Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt raid.

The Descent: A Quick Rundown Of Mechanics And Roles

While Taniks might be wandering the space station, he is not the main focus of this encounter. Your team’s objective is to prevent the Morning Star from crashing into Europa by depositing Nuclear Cores into deposit bins near the front of the room. This encounter introduces the third and final augment in the raid named Suppressor, which allows your team to stun Taniks. Stun him, deposit the Nuclear Cores, and repeat five more times. Note that every Taniks stun will disable a random augment.


  • Nuclear Cores: Orange balls that are spawned after a short period or after an Operator shoots a terminal. Deposit these at bins near the front of the room to prevent a wipe. Carrying cores imposes a Radiation debuff.
  • Radiation: A debuff that occurs when you hold a Nuclear Core. Reaching ten Radiation stacks will kill you.
  • Stunning Taniks: Suppressors must stand under certain drones in the arena and shoot Taniks. Doing so from three positions will stun him, allowing Nuclear Cores to be deposited.
  • Bins: Cube-shaped containers that are near Taniks. Deposit Nuclear Cores in these bins. There are four in total.
  • Disabled Augment: After Taniks is stunned, a random player’s augment gets disabled for a minute. Have someone swap roles with them by grabbing their augment via an augment terminal.


  • Scanner: Call out which bins are glowing.
  • Operator: Shoot at terminals to spawn two Nuclear Cores instead of three, making the encounter much easier.
  • Suppressor: Stun Taniks by standing under certain drones. There are three in the room that must be stood under in a sequence.
  • No Augment: Carry Nuclear Cores and receive disabled augments.

The Descent: How To Prevent Europa’s Destruction

Clovis Bray’s AI has rigged the Morning Star to crash into Europa, detonating hundreds of Nuclear Cores that will turn the planet into ash. To beat this encounter, your team must deposit Nuclear Cores into bins beside Taniks to prevent them from exploding. Doing so will require three roles.

Start the encounter by walking near Taniks. A wave of Fallen will begin to spawn from every section in the arena. Split the team up to cover the left and right spawns. After a few waves pass, Vandals will rush out with either the Suppressor, Operator, or Scanner augments. Kill these Vandals and call out the augment spawn to your team.

A message will appear shortly after this stating that Nuclear Cores have begun charging. Have your Operator fire at one of the four terminals in the arena. Two Nuclear Cores will spawn at any terminal except the one the Operator just shot. Have two players grab the Nuclear Cores while the Scanner looks for which bins are glowing yellow. Call these out to the team. Most players call the bins left 1, left 2, right 1, and right 2—1 being the bin closest to where your team spawns. Nuclear Core runners should note the Radiation debuff while they carry the core. If that debuff reaches ten stacks, you die.

Reddit user u/vmworks has made a diagram of the arena that you can view below:

Before the bins will accept Nuclear Cores, the Suppressor will need to run under one of three drones floating around the arena. Run to the one that has a white circle under it. Stand under the drone and fire at Taniks. A second drone will now activate. Rotate to the second drone, shoot Taniks, then do the same thing once more at the third drone to stun him. This will allow your team to deposit their cores into the bins.

Once Taniks has been stunned by the Suppressor, one player’s augment will be disabled at random—denoted by the “Disabled Augment” debuff. Check which player has their augment disabled. That player must deposit their augment in an augment terminal so a non-augmented player can take it, effectively swapping the roles of both players.

Two core deposits will complete one encounter cycle. Complete this cycle six times to open the hatch at the center of the arena. Drop down the hatch and sprint to the end of the hall to finish the encounter.

Encounter Synopsis:

  1. Defeat waves of Fallen until augmented Vandals spawn. Guardians need to obtain the Operator, Scanner, and Suppressor augments from these enemies.
  2. Once a message appears stating that Nuclear Cores are charging, have the Operator shoot a red terminal. Have two non-augmented Guardians grab the cores.
  3. The Scanner calls out which bins are glowing.
  4. The Suppressor shoots Taniks while under a drone. Doing this from three positions will stun Taniks, allowing core runners to dunk.
  5. Nuclear Core runners dunk their cores into bins.
  6. A player calls out their disabled augment and swaps it with someone without an augment.
  7. Repeat steps two through six five more times.
  8. Drop down the hatch at the center of the arena. Run to the end of the hallway.

The Descent: Recommended Loadouts

Virtually anything will work in this encounter. Since Taniks is immune during this encounter, just be sure to use weapons that can kill Overload Champions and can deal with packs of rank and file enemies. Nearly everything works here.

Recommended Gear:


  • Hunter: Anything works here. Way of the Trapper is solid for weakening Overload Champions.
  • Titan: Anything works in this encounter.
  • Warlock: Attunement of Grace for Well of Radiance is useful for Nuclear Core runners. Otherwise, anything works here.


  • Trinity Ghoul: This Bow can kill hordes of enemies with a single shot thanks to its Exotic perk. Use this if add-management is a problem for your fireteam.
  • Seventh Seraph/IKELOS Weapons: These weapons can spawn Warmind Cells if a Season of the Worthy Mod is installed. Warmind Cells can clear the entire arena on their own, making them a great choice for this encounter.


  • Global Reach: Allows certain weapons to spawn Warmind Cells and grants Warmind Cells additional damage and range. An excellent choice for clearing out rank and file enemies.

The Descent: Short Circuit Triumph

Short Circuit: Confront Taniks while allowing only one player from your fireteam to deposit nuclear cores.

After being disabled for multiple weeks, Bungie finally unlocked the Short Circuit Triumph but with different requirements than what was previously listed in the API. Now, players must complete the encounter by only allowing one player to deposit the Nuclear Cores into the bins.

To complete this Triumph, designate one player as the Nuclear Core “dunker” in your team. Two players will carry the cores as normal but won’t deposit them. The designated dunker will grab the Nuclear Core from the runners by holding the interact key near them, then they will dunk the core into the correct bin. That’s the only change with the encounter. This should only take a couple of tries to get.

Taniks Fight: A Quick Rundown Of Mechanics And Roles

Not even a crashing space station can kill Taniks. After losing his legs, Taniks has become a Captain-Shank hybrid that will stop at nothing to kill your fireteam. This encounter is nearly identical to the last encounter only now there are six deposit bins and up to four Nuclear Cores can spawn at once. Destroy Taniks’ Shank thrusters to spawn the Nuclear Cores. Dunk four cores to start the DPS phase. Deal as much damage as you can to Taniks to beat the raid.


  • Thrusters: Taniks has four thrusters on each corner of his lower Shank body. Destroying thrusters spawns Nuclear Cores. Destroy two or more to prevent a wipe.
  • Bins: Same as the last encounter but there are now six. Pairs of bins can be found in each section of the arena.
  • Nuclear Cores: Same as the last encounter. Note that carrying cores will periodically immobilize you in an immobilization field. Operators must destroy these fields.
  • Stunning Taniks: Same as the last encounter.
  • Disabled Augment: Same as the last encounter. Note that suppressing Taniks too early can disable the Operator augment, which can easily kill a core runner.


  • Scanner: Find which two bins are glowing and call them out to your team. This role is redundant if players spawn four Nuclear Cores at once. Scanner always spawns on the blue/left part of the map.
  • Operator: Destroy the immobilization fields that spawn on Nuclear Core carriers. The Operator augment drops at the spawn/right part of the map.
  • Suppressor: Stun Taniks after Nuclear Cores have spawned. Shoot Taniks while under certain drones to stun him. Drones are located in sets of three at each section of the map. Suppressor drops at the orange/top side of the map.
  • No Augment: Obtain disabled augments, carry Nuclear Cores, and damage Taniks.

Taniks Fight: How To Defeat Taniks, The Abomination

Before starting the fight, split the team into three teams of two. Each duo will head to one of three parts of the map: spawn (right), blue (left), and orange (top). Operators should go to spawn, Scanners should be stationed at blue, and Suppressors should head to orange.

Walk near the debris at the center of the arena to start the fight. A few Vandals will spawn with each augment after a short time. Right after these Vandals spawn, Taniks will head to one section of the map. Scanners will want to call out which bins are glowing at this time as your fireteam is about to receive their Nuclear Cores.

Taniks will have four glowing thrusters on his lower Shank-half that must be destroyed. Note that Taniks will fire off orbital beams during this part, instantly-killing Guardians if they stand in the blast radius. Avoid these purple blast zones at all costs. If your team is new or unable to one-phase Taniks, it is highly recommended to only destroy two thrusters. Destroyed thrusters will spawn Nuclear Cores that must be deposited to bin sites as called out by the Scanner. This arena is much larger than the Descent encounter, so make sure that every core runner has a partner they can pass their Nuclear Core to. As before, Suppressors must stun Taniks from three separate drone sites to open the bins. The drones are always on the side Taniks is standing at.

Nuclear Core runners will periodically get entrapped in a purple dome. Operators must shoot glowing circles on the dome to destroy it, allowing the core runners to reach their bins without dying. It is recommended to stun Taniks after the Operator destroys the second immobilization field to prevent the Operator from getting their augment disabled.

After depositing four Nuclear Cores, Taniks will travel to the center of the arena and project two energy fields. Your team must stand in between both energy fields to damage Taniks. Standing at the edge of any field leaves you vulnerable to swirling debris that can easily kill you. Stationed in between both fields, unload all of your ammo into Taniks. He will throw his arms into the ground partway through the damage phase, throwing everyone backward. Jump back to where you just were and keep damaging him. He will become immune shortly after this, ending the DPS phase. Repeat all of the steps above until he reaches the last portion of his health.

At around 15% HP, Taniks will become enraged and try to wipe the raid team. You simply need to kill Taniks before he teleports six times. Use anything you have to take him down and beat the raid.

Encounter Synopsis:

  1. Defeat the augmented Vandals and take their augments.
  2. Scanners call out which bins are glowing. This step is unnecessary if you’re destroying all four of Taniks’ thrusters.
  3. Destroy at least two of Taniks’ thrusters. Have any non-Suppressor or non-Operator players grab the Nuclear Cores.
  4. Operators will wait for one of the core runners to get immobilized. Destroy the field. Wait until a second one spawns and destroy it once more.
  5. Core runners swap the orb with someone else if needed.
  6. Suppressors will stun the boss now to prevent Operators from getting disabled too early.
  7. Nuclear Core runners deposit their cores.
  8. Repeat steps two through seven one more time.
  9. Head in between both of Taniks’ energy fields and damage the boss. When flung backward, head back into the field and damage again.
  10. Disabled augment players will swap their augment with someone else.
  11. Repeat steps two through ten until Taniks is at 20% HP. At this point, damage him until he’s dead.

Taniks Fight: Recommended Loadouts

Taniks effectively has Sword repellent thanks to his energy fields, sadly ruling out The Lament and Falling Guillotine as good DPS options. Fortunately, Divinity’s critical weak spot spawns right under Taniks’ Shank, allowing Shotguns to dish out optimal damage while inside a Lunafaction Rift. Double Precision Frame Shotguns are an excellent choice for this encounter alongside Cloudstrike, Izanagi’s Burden, and Triple Tap Sniper Rifles. Divinity is a must for one-phasing this boss.

Recommended Gear:


  • Hunter: Way of the Sharpshooter with Celestial Nighthawk grants an extra 250,000 damage during the DPS phase.
  • Titan: Code of the Defender for Ward of Dawn’s 35% damage buff.
  • Warlock: Attunement of Grace for Well of Radiance. Pair this with Lunafaction Boots to make Precision Frame Shotguns reach their optimal range during the DPS phase.


  • Divinity: Creates a critical weak point under Taniks’ Shank. This allows every weapon to critically hit with ease. Allows for easy one-phases if your team is using Shotguns or Cloudstrike.
  • Precision Frame Shotguns: By far the best DPS option for this boss. First In, Last Out and Heritage are excellent if used together. Swap your Shotgun between each shot to bypass the rechambering animation, further increasing your DPS.
  • Cloudstrike: An excellent choice only if Divinity is being used. Cloudstrike’s lightning storms can critically hit thanks to Divinity, significantly increasing this weapon’s damage output.
  • Sniper Rifles With Triple Tap: Sniper Rifles offer good DPS if you can stave off reloading. The Long Shadow, The Supremacy, and the IKELOS Sniper Rifle are good choices.


  • Power of Rasputin: Grants a multiplicative 10% damage increase to enemies near a Warmind Cell. Stacks with Divinity. Pair this mod with Warmind’s Longevity and Grasp of the Warmind to have this effect active during a DPS phase.

One more note about Mods: do not use the Enhanced Scanner Augment Mod. This debuffs Tankiks by 5% per Mod, something that sounds good on paper. Unfortunately, this Mod does not stack with other debuffs and disables Divinity’s critical weak spot. Do not use this Mod until Bungie changes it.

Taniks Fight Strategy: Four Cores

Taniks is rather easy to one-phase so long as players are packing some serious firepower. For this strategy, you will want to destroy all four of Taniks’ thrusters when they become vulnerable. Everyone except the Operator and Suppressor will be running a core towards a bin. Since the bins near Taniks are never chosen, the Scanner role is unnecessary here.

Strategy Synopsis:

  1. Kill augmented Vandals and take their buffs.
  2. Destroy all four of Taniks’ thrusters.
  3. Nuclear Core runners call out which bin they are running to. You must choose a bin that is not on Taniks’ side.
  4. Operators will destroy immobilization fields while core runners head to a bin.
  5. The Suppressor stuns. Core runners dunk their cores into a bin.
  6. Everyone groups up to damage Taniks. Keep damaging past his 20% threshold to finish the encounter.

It’s incredibly easy to pull off mechanically, but the loss of mechanical depth is replaced with a need for extra damage. Fortunately, doing this strategy will cause Taniks to gain one more damage section before he becomes immune, needing to slam the ground twice instead of once to become immune. The encounter plays out as normal besides carrying all four cores. Just be sure that the core runners are frequently jumping and have high mobility so they can reach their bin in time. This puts immense pressure on the Operator and Suppressor, but the payoff is more than worth it.

Taniks Fight: Ready, Set, Go! Triumph

Image from

Ready, Set, Go! Defeat Taniks, the Abomination while activating pairs of conduit nodes within 5 seconds of each other.

Ready, Set, Go! is an absurdly easy Triumph to obtain, so easy in fact that most players get this Triumph on accident. Your team needs to deposit a set of Nuclear Cores within five seconds of each other.

To do this easily, use the two core strategy for Taniks. When both players have Nuclear Cores, have them travel towards the bin that the Scanner calls out. When both players get near the bins, have their core partner grab the Nuclear Core from them and let those two players dunk. Have them count down from three to one to make sure they dunk it in unison. This should complete the Triumph.

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