Destiny 2: All Calus Bobblehead Locations

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  • Castellum Bobblehead Location
  • Royal Pools Bobblehead Location
  • Pleasure Gardens Bobblehead Location
  • Sever – Shame Bobblehead Location
  • Sever – Reconciliation Bobblehead Location
  • Sever – Grief Bobblehead Location
  • Sever – Forgiveness Bobblehead Location
  • Sever – Rage Bobblehead Location
  • Sever – Resolve Bobblehead Location

Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted has added a series of new collectibles for perceptive players to find. Bobbleheads are one such collectible type you'll find aboard the Derelict Leviathan, depicting Calus' likeness in some of the destination's less explored locations.

There are nine bobbleheads in total, all of which you must uncover to complete the #1 Fan Triumph and unlock the Reaper title. There are three in the open world, while the other six can be found in each of Season of the Haunted's Sever missions. This guide will go over where you can find each bobblehead, including step-by-step images for reference. Use the table of contents to search for the exact bobblehead you're missing.

Redeeming Your Bobbleheads

After you've collected a bobblehead, make your way to the Crown of Sorrow at the H.E.L.M. You'll find a secluded area to place your bobbleheads. You must place your bobbleheads at this location to make progress towards the #1 Fan Triumph.

Castellum Bobblehead Location

This bobblehead is tied to RNG. A successful Nightmare Containment clear won't always unlock this room. If you don't get this room upon completion, retry the activity.

Upon completing a T3 Nightmare Containment run, two side rooms in the Castellum can be opened. The bobblehead room can be found on the opposite end of the Castellum, located to the left of spawn. Make your way to the chest, open the door, then look right to find the bobblehead. If you want to quickly check if this door can be opened after a run, use a Ghost mod that detects chests.

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Royal Pools Bobblehead Location

Inside the Royal Pools—located left of spawn—you'll want to enter the far-right corner of the area. You'll find a pit in the floor that's covered in Darkness growths. Enter the pit and run to the end of the corridor. You'll find the bobblehead nestled in a dark corner.

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Pleasure Gardens Bobblehead Location

The Pleasure Gardens is located in the middle door of the Castellum. From the Pleasure Gardens entrance, run directly across to the Calus statue that's infested with Darkness. Behind the statue will be a bobblehead you can claim.

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Sever – Shame Bobblehead Location

Partway through the activity, you'll be asked to activate multiple switches to deactivate a lockdown. One of these switches must be activated with a wrench. In that same room, you'll want to hop up the platform above you and make your way into a side room. You'll want to climb up to the top floor of this area, using the pipes on the side as platforms. At the very top of the room, you'll find the Calus bobblehead resting atop a crate.

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Sever – Reconciliation Bobblehead Location

Start the Reconciliation mission and make your way to the pipes. Once you exit the pipes, head right instead of left. Enter the pipe at the corner of the room, then look to your left to find a bobblehead.

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Sever – Grief Bobblehead Location

After you defeat the Scorn enemies inside a garden room, you'll need to deploy a resonance sensor to open a door. Upon opening this door, enter the following corridor and check the crates on your left. You'll find the bobblehead hiding behind them.

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Sever – Forgiveness Bobblehead Location

Right after you meet with Commander Zavala, you'll enter an electrical tunnel. Halfway through the tunnel, look to your right to find a set of blue-shaped turbines. Above one of them will be a Calus bobblehead.

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Sever – Rage Bobblehead Location

When you get locked into the Engine room with the Gahlran clone, head to the room preceding the incineration chamber. Before entering the next room, look for a gap in the floor that lets you walk under the platform. Slide through the gap to find the bobblehead.

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Sever – Resolve Bobblehead Location

Right after you help Caiatl's troops clear out the Loyalists, escort them to the lower level tunnel. Halfway down the tunnel, you'll see a slightly raised platform on your left. Jump up the platform and enter the following room. The bobblehead will be hiding near a raised shelf.

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