Destiny 2: All Presage Datapad Locations

Destiny 2’s Presage mission has an absurd number of secrets for Guardians to uncover. Besides the chase for a perfect Dead Man’s Tale, players can find multiple collectibles and datapads aboard the Glykon.

Datapads can be interacted with to unlock new sections of the Glykon, revealing chests that grant Legendary Engrams. While that doesn’t sound too useful, these chests also speed up the Dead Man’s Tale’s Exotic Catalyst objective by 12%. Players who want to Masterwork this gun much later in the season can do so without needing to kill a single enemy. Finding all 12 datapads will also grant the Tucked Away Triumph. Here’s where you can find all 12 of them.

How Datapads Work

Datapads work similarly to Presage’s collectibles. Each week, you will be able to interact with hidden datapads to unlock a nearby door, revealing a chest that grants a Legendary Engram along with Catalyst progression for Dead Man’s Tale. There is no weekly rotation for these datapads; they’re tied to account progression and how many weeks have passed since Presage released. For example, if five weeks have passed, the first five datapads are available.

Datapads must be opened in a sequence, starting from the earliest one all the way to the final datapad seen at the end of the mission. Before you can interact with datapads, you must complete the Presage mission at least twice on any difficulty. Finding all 12 datapads grants the Tucked Away Triumph.

Unlike this mission’s collectibles, there is a catchup mechanic. Any datapads you missed from previous weeks can be opened at any time. Say you started hunting these datapads during week four of Presage releasing. You would be able to interact with the first four datapads in that week, catching you up to where everyone else is. If you’re reading this after May 4, 2021, simply follow the guide sequentially to get the Tucked Away Triumph in one go.

Datapad #1: First Air Vent

When you enter the Glykon via the exterior air vent, break the air vent gate to the left of the main path. They’ll be a datapad around the corner you can interact with.

Datapad #2: Second Air Vent

This datapad can be found in the second air vent you enter, just before reaching the first spore cluster. It’s on the main path, so it should be near-impossible to miss.

Datapad #3: After First Spore Set

The room after the first spore cluster has a datapad on the right side of the room, resting beside a Cabal door and Darkness fauna.

Datapad #4: Electric Room

After you cross the first Darkness fog gate in the Electric room, drop down to defeat the small group of Screebs. Instead of jumping up to your right, look left to find a datapad resetting beside a wall hatch.

Datapad #5: Electric Room

From datapad #4, jump up to face the next group of Screebs. Instead of crossing the gap outside the room, turn left and enter the nearby room. Stick to the left wall to find a datapad beside a small Cabal door.

Datapad #6: Garbage Compactor

Jump down the escape vent in the Garbage Compactor encounter. The datapad will be right next to you.

Datapad #7: After The First Combat Encounter

Upon completing the first Scorn combat encounter in Presage, run through the room lit by red lights. After this room is a Cabal door to your left with a datapad beside it.

Datapad #8: Hangar

You can find this datapad at the direct opposite end of the hangar entrance, to the right of the docked human ship.

Datapad #9: Second Hangar

Enter the adjacent hangar after you defeat the Abomination duo. The end of the hangar will have a datapad lying just outside a Cabal door.

Datapad #10: Maze

When you enter the first room of the final maze—the one with a Scorn Chieftan on an operating table—turn right to find this datapad.

Datapad #11: Maze

When you reach the vent maze on the lower floor, travel down the right path of the maze instead of forward. For reference, the forward path is the vent directly across from the spore cluster. Go right instead, then push through that corridor in a straight line to find this datapad.

Datapad #12: Final Room

Jump behind the deceased Guardian to find a datapad tucked away at the end of the room.

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