Destiny 2 DOWN: Server status latest, sign-in issues and ‘not available’ error

Destiny 2 down reports are flooding in right now with hundreds of gamers reporting issues with the popular Bungie shooter.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has registered a spike in Destiny 2 down reports. has, at the time of writing, registered a peak of over 700 reports of Destiny 2 down.

Out of those affected some 71 per cent of Destiny 2 fans are experiencing server connection issues while 27 per cent are experiencing login problems.

On social networking site Twitter Destiny 2 fans have also reported being greeted with an error message saying that servers are ‘not available’.

One Destiny 2 fan tweeted: “@BungieHelp Cannot Sign In to Destiny 2 at all. Says servers are down, yet people are playing?”

Another posted: @BungieHelp Destiny 2 Servers down on PS4? Says they are not available”.

One added: “@BungieHelp are the destiny servers down in the UK again, because I can’t sign in”.

And another wrote: “@BungieHelp are Destiny 2 servers on PS4 down I keep getting a msg saying there not available”.

More to follow…

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