Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn is about to begin – here’s how you can join in

Destiny 2 is enjoying a bit of a resurgence since last year's Forsaken expansion, and now the Shadowkeep expansion has fans logging in daily to shoot and loot.

Shadowkeep brought with it an array of new seasonal content, and with the launch of Season of Dawn this week you may be wondering how to get access to it.

The Season Pass offers bonus goodies in the new "Battle Pass" style rewards system added in Season of the Undying, alongside new exotic weaponry, new cosmetics, and the new Sundial exotic activity.

If you don't pick up the Season Pass, you'll still get a new seasonal artefact, Iron Banner, and access to The Dawning – Destiny's traditional Christmas event.

Unfortunately, it's not made entirely clear how to get the Battle Pass, so we've broken it down for you.

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What's included in the Season of Dawn?

As a reminder, here's what's included in Season of Dawn.

You can read everything you need to know about Season of Dawn and its start time at the link.

How much does the Season of Dawn cost?

The Season of Dawn is the current season, which means if you buy Shadowkeep you immediately get access to the content. The season is scheduled to last all the way to March 9th.

If you picked up the Digital Deluxe version of Shadowkeep, you already have access to the content – simply login after the season begins on December 10. You'll also have access to the next two seasons, two – although we don't know what they'll contain yet.

What if I already own Shadowkeep but not the Digital Deluxe version?

Don't panic, you can still gain access to everything the Season of Dawn has to offer – you'll just have to pay extra for it.

Each season pass costs 1000 silver, the game's premium in-game currency. You can buy your 1000 Silver on the link below:

Xbox Store – £8.39

PlayStation Store – £8.49

Steam – £8.49

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Best Prices

PlayStation 4 – PlayStation Store – £29.99

Xbox One and PC – Amazon – £29.99

PC – CDKeys – Steam – £26.99

Shadowkeep – Digital Deluxe Edition:

PlayStation 4 – PlayStation Store – £49.99

Xbox One and PC – Amazon – £49.99

PC – CDKeys – Steam – £44.99

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Where can I play Season of Dawn?

Once you've got the Season Pass, you'll be able to use that content across PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. This is unlike the game's expansions – if you've got Forsaken on one platform, you'll have to purchase it again on another (same with Shadowkeep).

We reviewed Shadowkeep and found it to be an excellent new chapter in Destiny 2's redemption story.

We praised the mod system that allows players to tune their character, while also praising the campaign's missions – despite the abrupt conclusion.

You can read the full review here.

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