Devil May Cry: Pinnacle Of Combat Delayed Until 2020

Mobile fans looking forward to the debut of Devil May Cry on the platform will be sad to learn that the spin-off Pinnacle of Combat has been delayed until 2020. Developed by Yunchang Game, Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat‘s development started in December of 2017 when Yunchang Game had obtained the rights to Devil May Cry. Now it has been pushed until next year with a limited trial set to run shortly before release.

Originally pegged for release this year, it seems Yunchang needs more time to get the game up to Devil May Cry’s high standards. As can be seen from the title’s debut trailer, the mobile game retains the series’ visceral combat. It isn’t exactly explained how the gameplay will work with touchscreen controls, but the action looks fluid. A report from Pocket Gamer also states the game uses advanced motion capture technology in order to make it as similar to past Devil May Cry iterations as possible.

Eagle-eyed players can also spot locales and characters pulled from various Devil May Cry games. In fact, the trailer begins with a cutscene seemingly identical to the intro cutscene of Devil May Cry 3, with series protagonist Dante and Vergil going toe-to-toe on top of a tall tower. Pinnacle of Combat also features a chapel that resembles a chapel from the first game, a city similar to the city from Devil May Cry 4, and much more.

The Devil May Cry series has gotten much attention as of late, with Devil May Cry 5 having released in early 2019 and earlier entries in the series being released on the Nintendo Switch. A trilogy pack on Switch is even slated for a Japan release next year.

Pinnacle of Combat looks to further that legacy by bringing in all eras of Devil May Cry to create a fanservice laden experience. Different bosses, all of the main stars, and a ton of recognizable locations are sure to make diehard fans happy. There’s even something for all two of the Devil May Cry 2 fans in the world.

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