Dicemaker Is Giving Away Handmade D20s To People Who Donate To Australian Brushfire Relief Drives

Now you can help out relief drives for the Australian brushfires and receive a homemade d20 for each $20 donation you make, thanks to a dicemaker on Twitter.

@Concreteshorts on Twitter has added an extra incentive for people to donate to non-profits in Australia during this time. While supplies last, Concreteshorts is offering a d20 for a $20 donation or an entire set of dice for a $100 donation to any of the charities listed in the article here. Note that all the currency values are in AUD or an equivalent amount.

The steps are pretty straightforward: once you’ve made a donation to one of the relief drives listed in the above article (Concreteshorts personally recommends RFS, Red Cross, and CFA), direct message Concreteshorts on Twitter with your receipt. You will have to pay for shipping, but they ship virtually anywhere a package can be shipped, and your dice is essentially free while you feel good about helping a great cause.

The dice you will receive, because they are handmade, may be imperfect. You may also have to wait as, expectedly, there are a lot of requests at the moment, but Concreteshorts is making good on their promise to get through as many orders as they can and the dice pictured look beautiful.

Dice making isn’t a cheap process, and although Concreteshorts isn’t charging each person for the materials used to make their dice, they are accepting donations for the materials. If you wish to help with this, you can direct message Concreteshorts on Twitter.

As of the writing of this article, over $4,800 AUD has been donated to help with the fire relief efforts in Australia via this dice incentive project. Those who do not have the finances to donate at the moment are encouraged to retweet or share the Tweet to give it visibility for those who can donate to these efforts.

The dice incentive project is continuing for the foreseeable future, so you can contribute by viewing and donating to the list of charities here. You can see the updates for this drive by checking out the #DonationsForDice tag on Twitter.

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