Digimon: Who Are The Royal Knights?

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The Digital World is quite possibly one of the most chaotic places in existence. With beings capable of leveling entire cities with ease, it's no surprise that a certain amount of trepidation is needed to traverse this dangerous world. This is why the DigiDestined are constantly being called to the Digital World. To restore order when things get too chaotic.

That being said, dragging groups of human children across the boundary between the Digital World and the Human World isn't practical nor is it always possible. The Digital World needs a presence that is always there and always watching. This is why the Royal Knights came into existence.

What Is A Royal Knight?

The term 'Royal Knight' is very special within the Digital World. It's not a family name like the Wind Guardians or the Dragon's Roar, nor is it a level like Ultimate or Mega. It's a title. A title that is both revered and feared across the entire Digital World. There are many Digimon that covet this title, but very few have been able to achieve this goal.

Gaining the title of 'Royal Knight' isn't a matter of being the strongest. In fact, there are plenty of Digimon that can contend with, if not exceed, the combined might of the Royal Knights. No, to gain this title, a Digimon must exemplify the tenets of knighthood.

As they are heavily based on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Royal Knights, too, must follow the virtues of knighthood. Each must show devotion to their cause, the courage to face any opponent, the strength to strike down evil wherever it may reign, and the willingness to sacrifice everything to protect the peace. Out of the hundreds of Digimon that make up the Digital World, only thirteen have achieved this title.

Who Makes Up The Group?

In ancient times, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was said to have protected the Digital World from complete collapse. To ensure that such a catastrophe never occurred, they founded the group that would become the Royal Knights. The members are as follows:

  • Omnimon: A Warrior Digimon that holds the combined might of the two Digimon that fused to make it, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. He is the current leader of the group.
  • Gallantmon: An Exalted Knight Digimon whose Virus attribute and holy nature make its entire existence a contradiction.
  • Examon: A massive Dragon Digimon whose sheer size made it difficult to be rendered using older digital tools.
  • UlforceVeedramon: A Digimon said to be the swiftest among the Royal Knights, its speed far exceeding what the human eye can perceive.
  • Magnamon: The only member of the Royal Knights that isn't technically Mega level due to the undefined status of Armor Digivolution. That said, its power is more than comparable to the other members.
  • Alphamon: The holder of the "Empty Seat" as well as the deterrent force for the Royal Knights. Despite his aloofness, Alphamon is considered one of the strongest of the Royal Knights.
  • Crusadermon: Quite possibly the most ruthless of the Royal Knights. It's a stout believer in the concept of 'the ends justify the means' and will do whatever it takes to serve justice.
  • Dynasmon: Unrivaled in aerial combat, Dynasmon's fierce loyalty is only second to the immense draconic power it wields.
  • Craniamon: The most chivalrous of the Royal Knights, preferring to engage in fair one-on-one battles and despises subterfuge.
  • Leopardmon: The strategist of the Royal Knights. While not the leader, Leopardmon has showcased the ability to lead the group through the most difficult of trials.
  • Kentaurosmon: One of the two bestial Digimon that makes up the Royal Knights. Despite its incredibly thick armor, Kentaurosmon is can move at incredible speeds with its six legs.
  • Gankoomon: One of the most devout members of the Royal Knights when it comes to protecting others. On their travels, he found and trained a Digimon who would become the thirteenth member of the group.
  • Jesmon: Through the rigorous trials it experiences while training with Gankoomon, Jesmon became the last member of the Royal Knights. Its physical prowess is so immense that it breaks the very laws of the Digital World.

What Do They Do?

The main goal of the Royal Knights is to protect not just the Digital World, but the physical manifestation of this universe's internet, also known as the Network, in which the Digital World resides. They are the highest authority in Network Security, and their mere presence prevents others from tampering with the Network.

It is their purpose to keep the peace within their world. To ensure that no harm comes to the Network either from an internal source or external. Each member is willing to fight to the bitter end to instill justice upon those that seek to disrupt the natural order of the Network. That said, each knight has their own view on what constitutes an infraction against the Network.

Distant Vigilance

For the most part, the Royal Knights take a rather "hands-off" approach when it comes to their guard. Except for Gankoomon and Jesmon, the knights rarely get involved unless a particularly powerful Digimon or human threatens the Network. The aforementioned Gankoomon and Jesmon take a more active role in their vigil. Both Digimon roam the Digital World, seeking out and thwarting evil before it can grow.

While the benevolence shown by these two Royal Knights, as well as actions performed by the other knights, paint the group as protectors and guardians. However, this only applies to those that are on the 'right side' of their justice. Sometimes, it doesn't matter if a Digimon is evil for them to be seen as a threat to the Digital World.

Not Always The Heroes

There have been several instances where the Royal Knights have demonstrated a misconstrued sense of justice. In several seasons of the anime, the Royal Knights were antagonists to the DigiDestined. They saw humans, and sometimes innocent Digimon, as threats and sought to destroy them as they would with any threat to the Network. This was taken a step further in Digmon X-Evolution, where the Royal Knights attempted to perform global genocide.

These conflicting viewpoints have demonized the group on numerous occasions and have led to internal conflict. While every knight wishes to protect the Network, their morals and methods have been known to clash with other members of the group. This has led to moments where the knights have directly fought against one another, sometimes to the death.

Who Commands The Royal Knight?

The Royal Knights are a rather independent bunch. While Omnimon acts as the group's official leader, most of the knights simply go about surveying the Digital World the way they see fit. Each knight has their own unique dogma or conviction that drives their actions. They will go about protecting the Digital World the way they see fit without external direction.

There have been instances where one or two of the knights have followed the directions of a master, should their goals and morals align. In Digimon Frontier, both Dynasmon and Crusadermon sided with Lucemon, a member of the Great Demon Lords and the antagonist for this particular season of the anime, and aided them in their attempted takeover of the Human World. That said, in nearly every depiction, there is one being that resides over the Royal Knights

King Drasil

Also known as Yggdrasill, King Drasil is the undisputed God of the Digital World. Its origins are unknown, and its physical form has never been agreed upon, but one thing remains the same. It's not a Digimon. It's not even a program. King Drasil is a host computer that rules over the Digital World via one of the servers on the Network. Nearly every iteration of King Drasil commands the Royal Knights to assist them in managing the Digital World.

Since King Drasil isn't a Digimon, it's not technically a living being. It has been shown to showcase some emotion, but, for the most part, King Drazil is a cold, calculating machine. While its purpose is to protect the Digital World, the computer's methods can be questionable. For example; when the Digital World was faced with Digital Hazard, King Drasil's planned to eliminate 99 percent of all Digimon. Because of decisions like these, there have been times when even the Royal Knights rebelled against their master.

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