Disgaea 6 – Watameh Character Guide

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Monster classes took a bit of a hit in Disgaea 6. Not only are there fewer Monsters in general, but just about everything that made them unique has been completely removed. This has harmed Disgaea 6 in some ways, but there are ways to get around that. The most notable is the addition of DLC.

Whilst not the best way to deal with a lack of variety, it does still result in a more unique monster. In this case, we are talking about Watameh, the Vtuber who became a cow…demon…thing. How do you use Watameh? Is she even worth using? That’s what we are here to find out.

Who Is Watameh?

Watameh is part of the Vtuber collaboration DLC bundle. She was once a Sheep Bard who went by Watame Tsunomaki. Somehow she entered the Netherworld and became the Evil Eye, Watameh.

Why Use Watameh?

Watameh is a single-target beatstick. This limits what she can do against groups, but the biggest threats in Disgaea 6 are in fact bosses. This allows Watameh to excel against the enemies you want dead ASAP.

Not only that, but she comes in at level 2000, giving you a powerful unit to use right off the bat.

What Weapon Does Watameh Use?

Watameh being a Monster, doesn’t have the best masteries.

Weapon Mastery
Fist B
Sword C
Spear D
Bow D
Gun D
Axe B
Stave D

Of all the weapons she can use, axes are by far the best. They provide the most ATK, and that is the most important stat for Watameh.

Watameh’s Unique Evilities

Watameh has one unique Evility.

Evility Explanation
Evil Eye When attacking, lower the target unit’s defence by -30%

This Evility is fantastic. Lowering an enemy's defence by a whopping 30 percent is nothing to scoff at. This is a straight-up damage increase for Watameh, even if it only applies to her attacks – not her Specials.

Watameh’s Unique Attacks

Watameh’s Specials are fine.

Skill Rank Scaling Element Range AOE
Mad Slam D+ ATK Confuse 0 N/A
Overrun D ATK None 0 Line
Brutal Eye D ATK Stun 2 Cross
Beastly Vengeance SS+ ATK None 0 N/A

Out of all her Specials, only Beastly Vengeance is worth using. The SS+ Rank means it will be dealing massive amounts of damage. The thing is, Watameh is fine just attacking normally. This move is honestly not always worth using. You can often get more damage just punching things.

How To Use Watameh

The best way to use Watameh is to get her stuck in. Have her face-to-face with the biggest enemy around and just beat them to death. She isn’t as powerful as other frontline beat sticks, but she is still very good and can easily fill that role.

The only real downside is her lack of passive support synergy. Being a female, she can’t gain the powerful stat buffs provided by Melodia and Rozelin. Not only that, she doesn’t qualify for the Flatty Squad either, because he has a rather prominent chest. This does hold her back slightly, so bear that in mind.

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