Dislyte: Ollie – Best Relics And Build

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The dystopian near-future setting and out-there storyline, along with some great visuals, make Dislyte instantly appealing. But while you may come for the aesthetic, it’s the gameplay that keeps people playing. The turn-based battles offer a massive range of challenges, from single bosses to team battles and PvP. And each one needs you to put together the right team of heroes (called Espers) to prevail.

There are more than 80 different Espers in Dislyte, each with a unique set of skills. Whether they’re fighter or defender units on the front lines, healers at the back, or controllers pulling the strings with buffs and debuffs, there’s always room for new builds and strategies. It’s even better when one Esper can fill several roles – which is where the likes of Ollie fit in.

Ollie’s Abilities And Strengths

Ollie is a fighter Esper that takes the fight to the enemy either through single-target damage, reducing their abilities, or both. He can be aggressive but also protects the more vulnerable squad members with get-out-of-jail saves – a real hero type! He only has two attacks, as his second ability is passive. Note this is also on a cooldown timer, so to be at its most effective, you’ll want to level it up as much as you can.

  • Law of Duat (Cooldown: four to five turns*): Attacks a single enemy for 170 percent of ATK plus a percentage of their max HP. Also inflicts DEF Down for two turns and Taunt for one, forcing the target to hit Ollie with their basic attack on their next turn. After Ollie reaches the third level of Resonance, this skill also grants him Invincibility for one turn.
  • Salvific Judgements (Passive. Cooldown: five to nine turns*): If available, this skill will automatically revive an ally when they take fatal damage while also granting them Invincibility and Recovery for one turn. Finally, Ollie casts Law of Duat as a counterattack to the blow.
  • Hookstrike (basic ability): Deals up to 120 percent of ATK to a single enemy, with an 80 percent chance of inflicting Silence on them for one turn. While silenced, they can only cast their basic ability.
  • Captain Ability: Increases SPD of all allied Espers by 25 percent.

* Both Law of Duat and Salvific Judgement can have their cooldowns reduced by levelling up the specific skill with Abilimons.

Ollie is at his best when targeting a particularly annoying opponent in an enemy squad, or more defensively as a last-ditch healer with good damage output. He also makes a great Captain, especially in PvP, as few other Espers have the 25 percent SPD bonus which only five-star SPD-buffing Espers have.

Resonance: Which Stats Should You Increase?

As a rare five-star Esper, you’ll be lucky to get many chances to Resonate Ollie. But if you do, ATK is almost always the way to go. Both of his attacking abilities are based purely on his ATK skill, so you’re better off leaving it to someone else in the squad to keep him alive.

Which Relic Sets Are Best For Ollie?

Both of Ollie’s attacks can be really annoying for your opponent but only hit single targets – so you want to be triggering him as much as possible. For this reason, and because he’s probably already buffing squad speed through his Captain ability, SPD is a common Relic route for him. Similarly, you’ll want enough accuracy (ACC) for those debuffs to land. Beyond that, any extra damage output (crit or otherwise) is a bonus.

  • Wind Walker (Una): Increases his SPD by 25 percent.
  • War Machine (Una): Gives a 30 percent boost to ATK.
  • Apollo’s Bow (Mui): Increases Ollie’s ACC by 25 percent, increasing the chance for his debuffs to land.
  • Fiery Incandescence (Mui): Ups his C.RATE by 20 percent, giving him a better chance to land critical hits.

If you’re liking Ollie more for his Esper-saving abilities, especially if you’re not running a traditional healer in the squad, you might alternatively opt for Ocean Waves (Una) and Adamantine (Mui). The former has a 30 percent chance of reducing his cooldowns by one each turn, while the latter gives all squad members a 15 percent (of their HP) shield for two turns at the start of the battle.

Relic Sub Stats

As speed tends to be an important commodity in squads involving Ollie, try to get it as your main stat on your Mui II Relic as early as possible. SPD is a great sub-stat for him, too, alongside ATK, ACC, and both CRIT bonuses. If you’re using him more as a healer, both DEF and HP Bonus will certainly help keep him alive.

How To Play Ollie in Dislyte

Ollie is commonly seen as a PvP captain for top-ranking squads, both on attack and defence. Keeping an ally Esper alive and invincible for at least one more turn can be enough to win a battle, even at the highest level, if it means surviving an initial onslaught. The extra five percent captain SPD bump afforded to five-star Espers (over the likes of four-star Long Mian) can be enough to swing a battle before it even begins.

He can also be great in the Story, Tower and the Cube, where you’re essentially fighting other Espers – but he is much less useful in Dislyte boss fights.

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