Dislyte: Point War PvP Guide

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The real soul of Dislyte is in putting together a killer squad of Espers to defeat any given scenario. There’s a great range of PvE content, from the main storyline to Trials and special events. But the ultimate challenge is putting your best squads up against those of other real players in PvP.

There are several types of player-versus-player combat in Dislyte, including Club battles where you fight for your friends. But the ultimate one-on-one challenge is the Point War. Read on below to find out how to rise to the top of the Dislyte PvP rankings – or farm them for some great rewards.

How Does Point War Work?

You need to swipe left on the home screen, then click on the Point War banner to begin. Once inside, you’ll see your current Point War Tier at the top left of the screen, alongside how many points you need to get to the next Tier. This top bar also has a clock symbol, that tells you how many days there are to go until the current period ends.

Tiers And Resets

There are 18 Point War Tiers. All players begin at Tier 1 and automatically rise to the next one as soon as they gain enough points to advance through winning battles. The first 11 Tiers are protected, meaning that you don’t lose points for losing battles at these levels. Above that, defeats see you drop points and even Tiers. Tiers 16-18 work differently. Once in Tier 16, you need to be in the top 1,000 players by rank to go up to Tier 17 – and in the top 100 to get into Tier 18. It is extremely competitive at the top.

Each Point War battle costs you an Admission Certificate and you can have 20 certificates at one time (or more if you pay for them). Once you have less than 20, they’ll begin to replenish at the rate of one every two hours – or you can restock them using Nexus Crystals.

There will be five opponents to choose from when you enter Point War, but if they look too tough – or the rewards are too weak – you can reset them. This is on a short-timer, so isn’t too inconvenient.

Each Point War period lasts seven days. At the end of this, you’ll receive a reward (Nexus Crystals and Supply Vouchers) based on your current Tier – although you’ll have to have participated to get a reward. The points total is then reset, and the Point War starts again, with your starting position being based on how well you did the following week. So, while you may finish the week in one tier, you may drop for the start of the next week if you haven't participated much.

Point War Currencies

Your first Point War win each day always gives a bonus reward (Gold, Nexus Crystals, and Supply Vouchers), so it’s worth winning at least one battle per day. After this, all subsequent wins will reward you Supply Vouchers and potentially Point War Points.

  • Supply Vouchers: You’ll get a set number of Supply Vouchers (8-18) every time you win a battle, depending on your current Tier. These can be spent in the Tournament Shop for rewards including Relics, Starimon, Abilimon, Experimon, Gold Records, Gold, and Nexus Crystals. This includes five and six-star items.
  • Point War Points: These are purely used to rise up in Tier levels. The number of points you get varies, depending on the quality of the opponent – but is clearly shown before you start the battle. Winning consecutive battles against the same or higher tier opponents will give you one-to-three bonus points for each subsequent win.

Point War Offensive Squad Tips

You should approach a Point War battle in the same way as you would any other. Because while you’re playing another real person’s squad, it is controlled by an AI – not the player themselves. Unfortunately, you can’t see information on Relics, so you don’t have perfect information. But their Esper choices should give you a rough idea of how they’ll be setup.

When choosing an opponent, you can also see their current Point War Tier and personal level. The top three opponents on the screen will be your tier or higher, while the bottom two will usually be in a tier below you. These weaker opponents will offer no tier reward points, but they'll still offer Supply Vouchers. Even if you have no interest in rising up the PvP rankings, it is worth competing in easy battles to get vouchers as the Tournament Shop has some excellent rewards.

Don’t be automatically intimidated by higher tier or level players. It is not surprising to come across a level 60 opponent who has a defense team full of Starimon – giving you a super easy victory. Some players will do this deliberately to keep themselves in lower tiers, making farming for vouchers simpler (see below).

Learn From Your Mistakes

On the left-hand side of the main Point War screen, towards the bottom, you’ll see a small white clipboard icon. Clicking this will show you both your defensive and attacking (Challenge) records for the current week. If you then click on a particular battle, you can replay (watch) it to get a better idea of how your opponent was set up and how they beat you. You can even try to message them or add them as a friend from the same menu.

Point War Defense Setup: Glory Or Farming?

At the bottom of the Point War screen, you’ll see a Defense icon. Click this to set up your defensive squad. This will be used for all your defensive battles, can be changed at any time, and will earn you points for wins just like your attacks.

There are no right and wrong answers when setting up a defensive squad. The most important thing to do is check it regularly, to ensure you have the team you want in place. Remember the attacking player can look at exactly who you have in your squad and plan accordingly, so there’s no magic bullet. But as a general rule, speed can be a decider. Because you have no agency over defensive battles, getting in the first blow is at least something you can try to control.

Also, once your defensive setup has been set for a while, you can click back into it and look at the top of the screen. Here it will give you a star rating of how your defensive squad did last week, and how it is doing this week. It’s rated out of five, so if you’re doing terribly, you can make some adjustments – then check back in next week to see if your performance has improved. Just remember, if you've gone up to a higher tier, it's likely you'll have to face tougher opponents.

Deliberately Weak Defensive Strategy: Farming Vouchers

Setting up a strong defensive squad is advisable if you want to try and pick up some extra points and rise up through the Point War Tiers. However, this does not have to be your goal. Many players deliberately set up a weak defensive team because they don’t want to win any extra tier points.

If you only want to farm Supply Vouchers, consider setting up a weak defensive team. This way, you can get to the tier you’re comfortable at and know you’re extremely unlikely to go any higher. You can deliberately pick the battles that don’t give you tier points too, just getting what you need to get the items you need from the store.

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