Dislyte: The Best Espers For Infernis

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Miracles are a key battleground in Dislyte. While Sonic Miracle bosses such as Fafnir offer some of the toughest challenges in the game, Ritual Miracles are the best place to find those Elite Waves you need to ascend all of your Espers through six levels of bonuses.

Each of the four colours of Esper has a unique boss that needs to be repeatedly defeated to farm those precious Waves. And for Inferno-attuned Orange Espers, including favourites such as Li Ling, Chloe and Sander, that boss is Infernis. Read on to find out the best way to take it down at difficulty level eight, and all the ones before.

How The Sonic Ritual Works

Head to the Dislyte home screen, click Rituals, then choose Sonic Rituals on the right-hand side of the screen. Once inside, you’ll see four options available across the bottom of the screen, with Infernis being the first one listed. If it isn’t selected, simply click the record above its name.

Unfortunately, the four bosses are all available at once on only one day each week. On the other days they take turns, with two being available each day – so you may have to wait up to 24 hours to be able to face Infernis.

If it is available, you’ll notice eight difficulty levels listed below its picture – alongside the potential rewards. You’ll need to beat each difficulty level, from one to eight, to unlock the next. The top-notch Elite Inferno Waves only have a chance of dropping as loot from difficulty level six or higher.

Infernis Information

Different difficulty levels will affect the amount of health and attack power the enemies you face have, but the wave sizes and abilities remain unchanged.

Wave one consists of an Inferno Distortion alongside two Enduring Refractors. This is a pretty easy wave, but it’s worth taking out the Refractors first as they have a chance to hit you with Disease. You don’t want any Espers going into the next wave unable to be healed.

After you’ve taken out wave one, Infernis will appear. He’ll be alone, but he’s no pushover thanks to the following abilities:

  • Burning Roar: Damages all enemies (has a two-turn cooldown). Triggered when it takes a big hit.
  • Lashing Pulse: Damages a single enemy – Infernis’ standard attack.
  • Sonic Upgrade (Passive): As Infernis takes more damage, the angrier and more dangerous it gets. The lower its health, the more damage its attacks will inflict.

There’s not too much to talk about tactically here – you need to get in, get the job done fast, and get out before he has many chances to attack.

Once you’ve seen how much percentage damage your big-hitting abilities can do, you might want to keep them back for a big finale, to save leaving Infernis on low health with most of your damage-dealing abilities on cooldown. As long as you can keep those DPS Espers alive long enough, you'll be fine.

Which Espers Are Best For Infernis?

You’re simply going to want to do massive damage as quickly as possibleor keep Infernis from attacking. Speed-based and single target DPS Espers are golden here, alongside a support cast that can help speed things up from your side, or slow down Infernis. If you don’t pack a massive punch yet, make sure you also bring a great healer.

DPS Espers

As Infernis is an Orange boss mob, you’re going to get the best value per pound from Purple Espers — not the best colour for DPS. Luckily, Orange and Neutral Espers are still going to land a solid punch.

Li Ling Orange Great all-round damage output, including true damage (which takes a percentage of the enemy’s health) on both his Altar and Tai Chi attacks.
Sander Orange He should get faster as the battle goes on, and his single-target damage potential is based on speed. Add a good chance of Sandstorm decreasing the enemy’s AP, and he’s the perfect Esper for quick, punchy battles.
Chalmers Neutral Another Esper that deals bonus damage based on the enemy’s maximum health, so great for keeping boss fights short. Takes damage when he deals it though, so bring a single target healer.
Lin Xiao Neutral Her Tiger Roar builds up for massive single-shot damage, while Light of the Tiger has a chance to inflict SPD down.

Support Espers

Speed can be absolutely crucial here. If you can land a succession of attacks and take him out before he acts too many times, it can feel like a relatively easy battle.

Melanie Her ability to reduce enemy AP can be devastating against Infernis, potentially allowing your DPS Espers to get the job done before it gets a chance to react.
Dhalia A Purple Esper whose Umbra Attack has a strong chance to inflict SPD down on the enemy, while Sonic Camo gives allies AP, C.RATE, and ATK up buffs, which can greatly help your DPS damage output.
Ahmed If you need a healer, Ahmed is as good a bet as any here. His heals target your Espers closest to death, helping keep everyone alive. While Supporting Song can grant an ATK up bonus to anyone he heals.

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