Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Mickey Mouse Is Freaking Everyone Out

Disney's Dreamlight Valley seems to be getting rave reviews from Disney and life sim fans alike, but there's one resident of the valley who seems to be creeping everyone out a little thanks to his strange eyes and slightly off dialogue. Surprisingly, Dreamlight Valley's big creep is none other than Mickey Mouse, perhaps the biggest character in the whole game.

As you'd expect considering his status, Mickey Mouse is one of the first characters you'll meet in Dreamlight Valley, where he introduces you to some of the main concepts and themes of the game, alongside Merlin. Although Mickey is mostly his usual jolly "oh boy" -ing self, there are a few things about him that make him feel a little strange compared to the rest of the characters.

The first problem that players have with Mickey is his design. As reported by Kotaku, there seems to be some kind of problem with one his pupils that causes his eyes to look far too close together than they're meant to be, creating an uncanny feeling of Mickey always side-eyeing you from a distance.

It's not just the design that makes players a little wary of Mickey, it's also some of his dialogue and background in the game, which portray him as a "sad wife guy". When talking about Mickey, Merlin says that he's "utterly heartbroken" over Minnie disappearing from the valley, something that he brings up during gameplay quite a lot. It's not just Minnie either, Mickey will be oddly sad about everyone that's left the valley, peppering in a sad pose every few lines of pure joy. Vibe but, someone check on this mouse.

Since Dreamlight Valley's release, players have been sharing screenshots and clips of Mickey being just that little bit weirder than anyone would expect and noting that he just feels a little off compared to everyone else. It's perhaps best summed up by the meme above from Twitter user Sizzlehead_.

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