Domina Dev Posts Transphobic Rant In Patch Notes Following Own Community Forums Ban

Domina developer Nicholas John Leonhard Groissen sparked backlash for posting misogynistic and anti-mask rants in the game's patch notes, with further comments made on their own community forums. They were since banned, but are still sharing bigoted messages via the game's updates, such as a new transphobic rant announcing Domina's new name – Dominus.

It labels 'Domina' as the deadname, asking fans to "Respect Our Pronouns During This Difficult Transition", all while labelling themselves "Mentally Unstable" and a total "Degenerate… Desperate for Clout" – these are incredibly harmful stereotypes pushed on trans people to undermine their identities as a whole, and so the post has understandably incited further backlash as players call on Steam to ban the game wholesale.

"DOMINA developer is now posting transphobic messages on their patch notes, after a recent ban from their own community forums," mrflamie wrote. "When are they going to be banned from the platform?" Groissen received a one-week ban in August for his comments, with Valve even saying that "future disregard for our rules and guidelines could jeopardize our business relationship".

The post goes on to use slurs against trans people while pushing the stereotype that trans women deceive drunk men into having sex with them, all while arguing that they're not a bigot for feeling "deceived". The entire post is incredibly inflammatory and bigoted, with many in the official Steam subreddit supporting the call to ban them from the platform entirely as the patch notes are being used to spread hatred and incite abuse.

Even the actual patch notes listed at the bottom, which otherwise include actual patches like "fixed: bestiarius disappears after applying cards", include bigoted comments like "stop destroying the innocence of children by lying to them about basic biology" and "stand up for what you believe – ask God for courage". Steam has yet to address the backlash or the transphobic rant, with the patch notes still live on the store page.

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