Doom Eternal Composer Says Executive Producer’s Reddit Post Led To Personal Phone Calls "Screaming Abuse"

Last year, Doom Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton penned a Reddit post addressing complaints that the devs had been "careless" and "disrespectful" with the OST, claiming that composer Mick Gordon had "near limitless creative autonomy" and that the team were concerned about him being able to deliver the OST on time. This post essentially shifted the blame for the music's state to Gordon, which he has now refuted in a lengthy post breaking down the entire situation, accusing id Software of crunch, withholding pay, and threats.

He followed up to say that this Reddit post was not only unprofessional but brought on direct harassment from fans. Warning, this article contains mention of suicide and sexual assault.

Mick Gordon says that, in the post, "They shared my personal details via message boards, including Reddit, which meant that abusers could now reach me in more ways than ever. They email-bombed my inboxes, crashing the server and clogging my messaging services, crippling my ability to communicate.

"They harassed my other clients with attempts to get me fired from their projects. They called my phone numbers around the clock, screaming messages full of abuse."

Gordon says that he and Stratton had a conversation on Skype prior to the post, which immediately opened with a hostile tone. "Frankly, we're too fucking nice", Stratton allegedly said. Gordon says he listened intently and expressed understanding but remained firm, "upset my music had been butchered, baffled at Chad being named co-artist and shocked at the extensive use of unpaid music."

When raising these concerns, Stratton allegedly tried to bring Chad into the call and later threatened Gordon, saying that, "As soon as people come after us, we come after you." However, after the call "raged on for almost an hour", the two agreed that they needed to put the rumours to bed, calm the fans, and "demonstrate unity." They agreed to write up a joint statement and address the situation together as well as detail plans to fix the OST, with Stratton asking Gordon to "hold off on all further public comments" until the two addressed the public together.

Stratton allegedly said he'd share a draft the next morning, but, in only a few days, he took to Reddit with a post that Gordon alleges sparked direct harassment from fans.

Gordon said, "I began receiving specific expressions of violence, the content so vivid it made me sick. The torrent of abuse telling me how to kill myself, how I'd be mutilated, how they would circulate photos of my body to traumatise my family, how my family would be murdered, how they'd hurt my animals, how they'd shoot up any event I attended, how I'd be raped to death, really started to wear me down in ways I couldn't previously imagine."

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