Doom’s Console Ports Get Official Widescreen, Gyro Controls, And More

In a surprise update today, the recent console releases of Doom and Doom 2 have received patches that add a ton of new quality of life improvements to each game. The biggest upgrade, by far, is official widescreen support for these legacy titles. Available through source ports on PC for more than a decade now, players on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch will finally be able to play Doom in full 1080p resolution.

Along with that, the PS4 and Switch ports now have access to gyroscope controls for aiming. While not a major deal in classic Doom (aiming is only on the horizontal axis), you can fine-tune your shots by physically moving the controller instead of fiddling with the joysticks. This feature will be on by default in the latest patch as well as the option to turn on a crosshair -which wasn’t previously needed thanks to Doom’s generous auto-aim-.

If you’re a PC player, you aren’t being left out in the cold either. The Steam releases of Doom have been updated to the new official Bethesda ports. These include all of the console features, which are the aforementioned widescreen update, gyrocontrols for compatible gamepads, and access to community WADs from an in-game download menu. The PC port also lets you toggle an fps cap, so you can play the game at 30, 60, 120, 144, 165, or 240 hz.

Lest we forget about the mobile ports of Doom, both the iOS and Android versions have also received some updates. Again, the new console features are in and there is a similar fps cap toggle to the PC version. On mobile devices that support higher refresh rates, you’ll be given the option to play with smoother playback.

Finally, the last major addition comes in the form of the “Ultra-Violence+” difficulty mode. Essentially, this is the same as the original game’s Nightmare difficulty, just without respawning enemies. Everything will move twice as fast, hit twice as hard, and your ammo will be a bit more limited. It should give veteran Doom players the kind of challenge they want without having to deal with unlimited enemies.

There are a few extra additions included in this update (name, BTSX Episode 1, and 2 as a community WAD), but you can read about those over on the official Doom website. Needless to say, Doom fans everywhere are getting some really great things today.

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