DOTA 2 Battle Pass, Spectre Arcana, Nemestice event game live with TI10

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The DOTA 2 Battle Pass has been revealed, with the Tier 1 bundle costing 7.49, Level 50 priced at 26.99, and 41.99 for Level 100.

The Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass will expire if not used by Jan 1, 2022, and has been released alongside the latest TI10 Qualifiers.

The official Battle Pass description read: “In the wake of the Mad Moon’s destruction, willful fragments of Radiant Ore and Direstone crashed upon our world.

“But a third type of stone—Nemestice, warped remnants of the shattered moon still unswayed by either petulant Ancient and bursting with Zet’s sacrificed power—was left drifting behind.

“Aeons later, Nemestice at last makes landfall to disrupt their battle, and to those who would hold power over both Ancients, there is no greater prize.”

The 2021 Battle Pass is confirmed to include the Dragon Knight Persona and the awaited reveal of the Spectre Arcana.

Alongside the new 2021 Battle Pass is the Nemestice Event Game, which according to Valve, is open to everyone.

Gamers taking on the new event will need to harvest smouldering fragments from the crashing meteorites to seize a power that rivals both Radiant and Dire.

DOTA fans will need to destroy all of their enemy’s towers to claim the crash zone for their own and win the game.

The full breakdown of the Nemestice DOTA 2 event reads:


Every three minutes, the Nemestice Storm will cause a giant meteorite strike in the centre of the map. Channel meteorites to collect Nemestice Embers. Try to dodge any falling meteorites before they hit you.


Nemestice Embers grant Embercharge, boosting your attack damage, spell amplification, and movement speed. Gain enough Embercharge and you’ll even shock nearby opponents.


Each time a tower is destroyed, power disperses to its allied towers, making them stronger—as well as drawing the attention and assistance of Nemestice-crazed creeps. Destroy all enemy towers to claim the area and win.

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A big part of the DOTA 2 Battle Pass is the Spectre Arcana, which included the following features:


The many aspects of Mercurial are fragments of a single form no longer—for one has stolen away from the many, and the realities of a new Spectre rise. Enticed and trapped by a cursed set of armour, a solitary shade of Mercurial finds that with each soul she harvests for the blighted plate, a stronger sense of self arrives along with it. While at first such forced separation enraged her, she now seeks this tantalizing freedom… Killing whoever she needs to earn more.


As Spectre kills, her armour will gain power, increasing the number of blades floating beside her. She also has a custom Kill Streak counter, and new icons and effects for Blademail and Radiance.


Help Spectre define her own reality with the edge of her blade. Earn a Mega Killstreak in 100 different games to unlock the Phantom Ascension alternate style.


  • All-new Model and Pedestal
  • Spectre’s model and loadout pedestal have been dispersed and refocused into a full item set to reflect the emergent reality of this newly autonomous shade.
  • Custom Animations & Effects
  • Features a full set of all-new animations, attack sound, and ambient effects, along with all-new effects for Spectral Dagger, Dispersion, Desolate, and Haunt.
  • Custom Hero Assets
  • Includes an all-new Kill Streak Counter, Hero Portrait, Ability Icons, and a minimap icon.
  • 500+ Arcana-exclusive voice lines
  • Features a dual-layer voice response system. As Spectre grows stronger, her responses will become focused and easier to understand.
  • Custom Death and Special Item Effects
  • Includes new custom death effects for both Spectre and the enemies that she kills, as well as a custom deny effect. She also receives new effects for Radiance and Blademail.
  • Unlockable Second Style

Earn a Mega Kill streak in 100 different games to unlock the Phantom Ascension alternate style.

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