Dragon Age Dev Reveals Inquisition’s Horses Actually Faked Sprinting

You may recall that last month we saw the birth of a glorious new trend on social media. Twitter users began sharing all the pointless facts and bits of trivia tucked away in their brains about their favorite video games, leading to some humorous revelations and genuinely interesting little tidbits. Now the trend has been out there for a while, it's adapted slightly so people can show off their knowledge of more specific subjects.

One such topic was Dragon Age, as Twitter user GhilDirthalen wanted to know the most useless facts about BioWare's classic RPG series. Most of the people that submitted answers simply shared speedrunning strategies or graphical tricks, but Dragon Age Dreadwolf creative director John Epler decided to get in on the fun by dropping a bombshell that no Dragon Age fan was expecting, but confirmed something all of us knew about the game's mounts deep down (thanks Eurogamer).

If you've ever been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition and felt like your horse wasn't going any faster when making it sprint, that's because it actually isn't. According to Epler, the limitations of the Frostbite engine that was used to make the game couldn't load levels quick enough for you to actually sprint through them with a horse. As a result, Epler simply had to add speed lines and adjust the camera to make it look like your horse was sprinting, when in reality you're going the exact same speed as a normal horse trot.

Epler later clarifies that riding a horse in Dragon Age: Inquisition is faster than simply hoofing it (pun absolutely intended) on foot, but the speed difference between the horse run and sprint is "non-existent." He also adds that he spent three days of his time developing the title simply trying to make the horse sprint feel faster, a statement that truly encapsulates how ridiculous game development can be at times and the hoops devs need to jump through to get a game across the finish line.

If you're feeling betrayed right about now, you're not the only. Plenty of folks in the replies are just as bewildered, including one person wondering if the different kinds of mounts you can find throughout the title must at the same speed as well. Epler doesn't have an answer for that, although at this point our trust has been completely shattered to the point where I'm ready to believe anything. Shame on you BioWare.

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