Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s Protagonist Could Be Another Grey Warden

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf's protagonist could be another Grey Warden, according to the latest leaks. In various clips and screenshots shared by a playtester, we can see that the player character is labelled as a Warden in the game's menu, suggesting that we're set to join the secretive order once more.

Further proving this theory, the leaked gameplay footage takes place in Weisshaupt – the Grey Warden's headquarters. It remains to be seen if this is just a selectable class, or if we're going to have yet another protagonist that's referred to as "the Warden", because that won't get confusing at all.

This leaked footage was shared last night, courtesy of a Reddit user who says it was sent over by a playtester. It has since been supported by industry insider, Tom Henderson, who had leaked further details about Dreadwolf the previous day.

In one of the screenshots, we can see the hero appear on the menu screen. Here, they are listed as a Grey Warden – a hero tasked with defeating Darkspawn. We also see this taking place in the footage, so it's possible that the fight in Weisshaupt is central to the main character's story

This would also be a great opportunity to explore the Wardens' relationship with Tevinter, which has largely been left unexplained so far. We know that, in general, Wardens don't like to feel constricted by their background, and are solely dedicated to the defeat of Darkspawn. However, it's possible that they're less inclined to assist Tevinter, given the nation's notorious secrecy.

It could also make for an interesting follow-up to the Wardens' shenanigans in Inquisition, where they spent most of the game fighting themselves. There's also the fact that the protagonist from the first game is said to be looking for a way to prevent Wardens from dying young, something that is likely to prove important to Dreadwolf's story.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point. While the footage does appear to be legitimate, it is from an early build of the game. We are yet to be given any official information on our new hero, and it's not clear when BioWare will share some gameplay clips itself.

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