Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is Adding A Time Machine

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a fairly extensive open-world game that covers the entirety of the anime’s story. Starting from the Raditz saga and ending with Buu, the game has a ton of forward momentum and players might get so caught up in the plot that they let side activities fall by the wayside. Thankfully, you’ll soon be able to revisit those past arcs and mop up anything you’ve missed.

In a post on Twitter yesterday, Bandai Namco revealed that a few extra sidequests will be added that will unlock a “time machine” for players to use. As the name suggests, this will let you travel back in time to already completed arcs so you can finish off whatever sidequests you may have left.

Players will need to first complete the main story in Kakarot before a new sidequest involving Arale and Gatchan becomes available. After helping them return home, you’ll unlock the time machine that lets you go backward. This will be great for any players that are looking to complete Kakarot’s achievement/trophy list. While side quests aren’t specifically required, you will need to amass 400 entries in the Z Encyclopedia, which side quests will help with.

One has to wonder why this time machine wasn’t included from the get-go, but the update is coming for free. It’s hard to complain about free content for a game you enjoy. Bandai Namco also promises that some other free updates will be heading to Kakarot in addition to the paid DLC season pass you can buy.

It’s hard to say what extra arcs or stories will be added. With the game focusing solely on Z (and not the original Dragon Ball or sequel Super), there isn’t much left to bring to the table. The game already includes the absolute best filler arc and fans are probably not eager to revisit something like the Saiyaman Saga.

Even if the new stories are completely new, fans of just Z finally have a game that encompasses the entire show. That’s a big feat for not only Dragon Ball titles, but just open-world anime games. Kakarot may not be completely original, but it definitely is innovative in that sense.

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