Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Where To Find Energetic Fish

You can do a lot of things in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. You can fight epic battles and train to gain more power, sure. But you can also drive cars, bond with side characters, and hunt. It’s that last bit that plays a big part in one of the game’s more tedious early-game side quests. If you’re playing Tough Time for Turtle, you’re going to need some Energetic Fish.

In the Tough Time for Turtle sub story, the turtle at Kame House asks Gohan to get some food for the house. There are three items on the list: Rice, Eggs, and a Royal Tomato. Rice and Eggs can be bought at any grocer and come with some activity rewards. You probably have enough already. It’s the Royal Tomato that proves a bit trickier. Finding it requires hunting down a farmer hidden in another part of the map. Check out our previous guide for his exact location:

There’s a village on this island that should be visible from the sky. This village has a nearby dock where a man is exclaiming that energetic fish are nearby. He’ll remind you of a tutorial fact – small birds tend to gather above bodies of water that have Energetic Fish. He stands facing a huge flock of birds as if to illustrate this mechanic. Here’s a visual of the scene:

That’s your cue to fly over to the birds and dive into the ocean. Sure enough, there will be several schools of fish, each with its own glowing item orb. Fly through them and get their orb. Each one should give you Fish Eggs or Energetic Fish. You will probably need to harvest this spot more than once to get enough Energetic Fish for the tomato farmer.

If you do, just exit the ocean and go to the village. Spend about 30 seconds wandering around and then head back to the bird spot. Everything should have respawned in that short time.

Going back with enough fish will earn you the Royal Tomato. Then you can take that back to Turtle at Kame House along with Rice and Eggs to complete Turtle’s sub story. Or you could have been just farming Energetic Fish for a recipe. Whatever the case, enjoy the fishy fruits of your labor!

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