Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Get Cotton

Cotton is a useful crafting material in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and a core component of several pieces of furniture and other craftable items in the game. Cotton is a crucial part of creating the Relaxation Room, so it becomes widely available during the second chapter of the game on the sandy island of Khrumbul-Dun.

This guide will explain all of the locations you can find Cotton within Dragon Quest Builders 2, as well as the most efficient ways to consistently gather it when you’re back at your own home base, The Isle of Awakening.

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Get Cotton In Khrumbul-Dun

When you get to the underground lake area in the Khrumbul-Dun mine, you’ll find a squishy green plant down by the water. If you destroy it, you’ll receive pieces of Cotton. This is the quickest way to get enough cotton to complete the quests of Chapter 2 and progress the story.

You can also harvest Cotton from a recurring Dragon Quest monster called a Bunicorn, although it is a rare drop. In Khrumbul-Dun you can find Bunicorn creatures roaming the top desert level of the island, especially near the oasis. We’d suggest that you go for the underground lake method as it is quicker, but Cotton from Bunicorn kills will do in a pinch if you’ve used all the materials that can be found underground.

Dragon Quest Builders 2: How To Get Cotton On The Isle of Awakening

Use your boat to travel to Laguna Perfuma, which is an explorable island that will become available to you after completing Moonbrooke in Chapter 3 of the game. While you’re there, you’ll need to recruit at least 2-4 sheep and bring them back to The Isle of Awakening.

Now that you’re home, you’ll want to assign all of the sheep you just teamed up with to one of your towns with farmers. Whichever one you’ve built for the people from Furrowfield is probably your best bet. Craft an Animal House with some animal beds, grass, and pet bowls, so that at night your sheep have somewhere to sleep and breed with one another.

Next to it, build a farm with a gate. Use that farm to grow exclusively wheatgrass and it will become an Animal Pen. During the day, the sheep will go there and drop Cotton. You will now basically have unlimited Cotton for free from that point on.

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