Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded Playable Build Leaks Online

Only three days ago, Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded's source code leaked. Since then, a playable build surfaced, complete with a gameplay video.

Originally beginning as a fan project (dubbed Duke Nukem: Next Gen), it gained Gearbox's blessing and was reworked to 3D: Reloaded, but it was shelved, and never saw the light of day (as reported by PC Gamer and NME). The build is called test-version 0.001 and contains a few maps like Hollywood Holocaust, the "Trailer map", and two Testmaps. There's even a playable multiplayer tournament.

This comes from leaker group x0r_jmp who also leaked a version of Duke Nukem Forever, a movie pitch, and Duke Nukem 4Ever, a platformer. "It was a productive month for us, pushing out multiple releases in a row," x0r_jmp said. "Hopefully our efforts have made for an exciting December. We have several new releases lined up for 2023, so watch this space for updates!"

The build opens with a standard main menu, showing Duke Nukem smoking a cigar on his motorcycle, with Play, Armory, Settings, and Exit listed at the top. Once you hit Play, you're brought to a Select Your Character menu, featuring Duke Nukem, Pig Cop, and General Graves, the latter two unavailable. pagb666 selects Duke Nukem, and is thrown into MP01 Hollywood Holocaust, starting out in a public toilets where you can see health pickups and explosives.

It's exactly what you'd expect – the arena shooter given an Unreal Engine 3 facelift, as pagb666 runs around shooting all sorts of over-the-top weapons. There are also several parodies to be found, like "Red Balls" energy drink vending machines with clear Red Bull-inspired branding, and a cinema showing "Full Metal Packet", a riff on Full Metal Jacket.

The first Testmap is full of props, weapons, pickups, and other items, all in a black limbo. The second Testmap has tiled walls and floors, with a bunch of random sprites and weapons littered about. The closest you'll get to experiencing the remake is via Hollywood Holocaust, though the second Testmap does give you some bots to fight.

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