Dungeons & Dragons: Everything You Need To Know About Playing An Autognome

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Dungeons & Dragons is a game filled to the brim with an ever-growing roster of diverse races for players to choose from when creating their characters. While the majority of races in D&D can be commonly found on Earth of the Material Plane, the recently released Spelljammer: Adventures in Space introduces six playable races to D&D's fifth edition that can be found within the far reaches of Wildspace and even within the Astral Plane!

Among these new races are the robust and mechanical Autognomes! As this race hasn't appeared since the days of D&D's second edition and brings a lot to the table mechanically as a race, we're going to explore everything you need to know about playing an Autognome in D&D!

Playable Constructs!

First and foremost, one of the most immediately notable elements of Autognomes is that they are the first fully playable Constructs in D&D's fifth edition! While the previously released Warforged race are a similarly artificial people, they were classified as Humanoids, while Autognomes is the first race to be given the Construct treatment.

Being a Construct comes with a variety of benefits that include:

Not Needing To Eat Or Breathe This feature allows them to easily survive either underwater or within the vacuum of space.
Disease Prevention Being a construct prevents Autognomes from being afflicted with diseases.
Spell Afflictions Being a construct prevents Autognomes from being afflicted with diseases.

Get Around Anti-Construct Healing Rules

Many of the most common healing spells in D&D, such as Healing Word and Cure Wounds, explicitly state that they don't function when cast upon a Construct or Undead creature. Luckily, Autognomes can get around this rule for many of these common healing spells, as their Gnomish creators had the foresight to build them in a manner that allowed them to be healed.

This means that the following spells can still affect an Autognome, regardless of their Construct typing:

  • Cure Wounds
  • Healing Word
  • Mass Cure Wounds
  • Mass Healing Word
  • Spare The Dying

Not only can Autognomes be healed by spells that normally can't heal Constructs, but they actually have access to an entirely unique healing spell option. If an Autognome is targeted by the Mending Cantrip, they may expend one of their hit dice, regaining a number of hit points equal to the result plus their Constitution modifier.

While Mending has a casting time of one minute, meaning this can't be utilized in the context of combat, this is still a quick and effective way for Autognomes to receive quick and easy healing in between battles.

Natural Armor

As Autognomes are constructed with Gnomish ingenuity, they are built to be quite sturdy. This fact is represented in the race's defensive benefit of access to a natural armor class. This benefit is granted if an Autognome is unarmored. Reminiscent of the armor class automatically granted to Tortles, Autognomes have an AC equal to 13 plus their dexterity modifier when they aren't wearing armor.

This is a great defensive boon to Autognomes of classes that traditionally have little to no substantial armor access, such as Rogues, Sorcerers, and Wizards. Paired with their additional healing option in the form of Mending, Autognomes can be quite survivable.

Great Night Watch

Another unique and useful trait of Autognomes is their ability to remain conscious while they take a long rest. Like elves who can gain the benefits of a long rest in a shortened four-hour duration, rather than requiring eight hours to complete a long rest, Autognomes can rest in only six hours.

However, unlike Elves who remain in a trance-like state, though Autognomes must remain motionless when resting, they remain conscious, meaning they are fully aware of their surroundings while resting. This makes them a stellar choice for a party's night watch, as they can continue to gain the benefits of rest while remaining ever vigilant.

Well Suited For Any Role

While the perks of playing as a construct are a selling point of many looking to create an Autognome character, Built for Success is a stellar Autognome racial ability that allows them to excel in any role a player wishes their Autognome to fill. Whenever an Autognome makes an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, they can choose to add 1d4 to the roll and can do so after they've seen the initial result of their roll.

This is an incredibly flexible move that can benefit characters of any build.

Whether a player is looking to ensure their character can reliably land key hits in combat, roll reliably high with key proficiencies, or succeed saving throws when needed so they can keep tanking, Built for Success has you covered.

This ability is especially excellent when paired with spells such as Bless or Guidance, as their abilities stack with Built for Success, further tipping the scales in your favor. Due to the sheer flexibility of this race-defining ability, Autognomes can excel in each class in the game.

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