Dusk Diver 2 – Best Meals And Where To Buy Them

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Exploring Ximending is pretty darn rewarding. Not only does it hold various hidden collectibles and quests, but it also houses numerous restaurants. In Dusk Diver 2, eating food is an excellent way to gain passive bonuses that enhance your ability to level up and fight.

There isn’t all that much to spend your money on in Dusk Diver, so dropping some of that hard earned cash on a nice meal is not only a good use of your resources, but also a great way to gain temporary boosts in power. Of course not all restaurants are created equally, and some meals are straight up better than others.

How Meals Work In Dusk Diver 2

Meals in Dusk Diver 2 can be bought at any restaurant, and they come into two varieties:

  • Take-out only
  • Sit-in Meal

Take-out only meals are placed in your inventory and can be eaten in safe locations. These are great have on your person when you are exploring Youshanding as it lets you power up for a difficult encounter, or simply boost your gains whilst going through each dungeon.

Sit-in meals on the other hand provide instant effects. These are best used when you are about to enter Youshanding, or if you are exploring the Real World and want a boost. They are especially useful during Chaos Beast attacks in the Real World, or when you are tracking down Special Possessions.

Your Stomach Has Its Limits

One thing to note about meals, is that you can’t just eat as many as you want. In fact, each meal will fill a certain number of stomachs, and if you don’t have enough party members to accommodate all of that food, well, you can’t buy the meal. Balancing what effects you want, and the number of effects you want applied at once whilst adhering to your dwindling appetite is vital when planning your meal trips.

Best Meals In Dusk Diver 2

These are the best meals we found whilst exploring Ximending. These are (mostly) cheap meals that provide powerful bonuses. Many meals in Dusk Diver 2 are repeated, and often, you will get two identical meals coming in with different price tags. Shopping around will get you the best deals and save you loads of money in the long run.

Name Location Cost Effect
Penland Coffee Penland Coffee 45g Restores 2 BP. Take-out only.
Seafood Spaghetti Oyami Cafe 260g Wafer drop rate increased by 60%
Tempura Mei Guan Yuan 180g Critical strike rate increased by 30%
Three-Colour Donburi Mei Guan Yuan 670g Largely Increase drop rate
Bu Zhi Chun The Red House Tea Shop – 110g EXP rate is increased by 60% when a stage is cleared

Penland Coffee is excellent. Having an ample supply of BP can help you power through basic encounters and bosses like they were nothing, and being able to restore 2BP without breaking the bank is an absolute steal. Chug one of these before each boss, and you should be good to go.

Seafood Spaghetti is another great meal. Dragon Wafers are needed to craft Orbs and upgrade your weapons. Increasing your Wafer gain by 60 percent is a huge increase in available resources.

One of the main ways you can eliminate enemies quickly is by using Break Strikes. Critical Strikes allow you to slam enemies into walls, which opens them up to more Break Strikes, ending combat much quicker. Tempura increasing your Critical Strike rate, therefore, increases your overall damage output by quite a bit.

Three-Colour Bonburi is pretty darn expensive – prohibitively so in the early game. However, the effect is very powerful. Increasing your drop rate will lead to more loot, which can be translated into more Orbs and more money. It’s a hefty investment that can pay off if you use it at the right time.

Finally, Bu Zhi Chun is outstanding. EXP is always a hot commodity in Dusk Diver 2, so having more of it to play with is always a good thing. The meal is also very cheap, so having this active as often as possible can skyrocket your gains, and therefore, increase your power substantially.

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