Dusk Diver 2 – How To Defeat Large Chaos Beast Type Alpha

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Dusk Diver 2 doesn’t waste time when it comes to throwing you against Chaos Beasts rampaging through Youshanding. It’s a spooky time to be sure, but thanks to Yumo’s Dragon Energy and her pal Leo, not many enemies pose much of a threat – not yet anyway. That is, of course, until the boss of the joint turns up.

Of course, we are talking about the beefy lad himself, Large Chaos Beast Type Alpha. He is just a suped-up version of the Bipedal Chaos Beasts you have been fighting up till this point. The catch is that you will fight one of these things, and then, later on, you will fight two of them at the same time. Strength in numbers is certainly a winning strategy.

Large Chaos Beast Type Alpha’s Attacks

Being the first boss(es) in Dusk Diver 2, Large Chaos Beast Type Alpha has a fairly simple moveset. It is certainly more advanced than anything you’ve seen so far, but considering this thing becomes a staple enemy later one, don’t expect too much.

Attack Explanation Counter
Uppercut + Slam LCBTA launches a slow-moving uppercut and then slams his sword(?) into the ground. LCBTA has a lot of forward momentum when using this attack so countering it is incredibly simple – dodge to the side, LCBTA will fly right by you and miss every time.
AOE Explosion LCBTA raises his fist and then punches the ground. Fire erupts around him dealing damage. This attack is very clearly telegraphed. Once LCBTA raises his arm, simply dodge away.
Slash LCBTA raises his sword arm and slashes once. Be aware that LCBTA will sometimes follow this attack up with a second slash. This attack is also highly telegraphed and can be avoided with a simple dodge to the side. Be prepared to dodge a second-time mid-combo if LCBTA goes to attack again.
Jumping Slash LCBTA leaps into the air and does a downward slash. This attack is easily avoided with a dodge to the side. It is heavily telegraphed and travels fairly slow so is easy to spot.
Red Double Slash Explosion LCBTA will flash red briefly before unleashing two comparatively fast downward slashes. The second slash will cause fire to erupt in a large area in front of LCBTA. You have two options here, you can either dodge away and avoid the attack entirely, or you can try to land a Counter-Strike. Leo is far more reliable at these due to the nature of his Block skill.

During this fight, Bipedal Chaos Beasts will spawn into the arena to help LCBTA. Dispose of them whenever they appear to prevent them from interrupting your combos.

Which Party Member To Use

For this fight, you only have access to Yumo and Leo, and of the two, Yumo is likely your best bet. Yumo is a solid all-around fighter whilst also being fast on her feet. She is more than capable of comboing LCBTA and staying out of trouble whilst doing it.

That’s not to say Leo is a bad pick – in fact, Leo is excellent at Counter Striking LCBTA, as this boss can get very trigger-happy with its red attacks.

Battle Strategy

The plan for this fight is pretty simple – as is to be expected for the first boss. Most of LCBTA’s attacks are slow and easily dodged. This means all you have to do is look for a wind-up, move out of the way, and then punish with a combo of your own.

An important thing to note is that LCBTA can be stun-locked – to a certain degree. Provided you are constantly attacking, LCBTA will get knocked out of attack animations. LCBTA will eventually gain Super Armour, however, and this will power through your attacks with ease, but if you want to dodge less, attack more.

Because you can be so aggressive in this fight, using Burst as soon as you can is a great idea as it will drastically increase your damage and grant access to your Burst Ultimate Attack. This attack is strong enough to strip LCBTA of all of its armour in a single hit, so use this immediately after LCBTA restores its Armour to full.

Finally, if the arena is getting a bit cramped, consider killing off LCBTA’s minions. One of the most effective ways is to group them all together and use your Burst Ultimate Attack to deal massive damage to LCBTA and instantly kill all of his friends.

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